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Property Division and Your Will

Are you in the process of drafting your will? If so, you need to understand how property division works in your state.

In most cases, spouses opt to leave all of their property to their spouse. Since this property is jointly owned by both parties, it only makes sense to leave it in the name of the remaining spouse. If you are considering splitting up your property amongst several beneficiaries, you will need to understand what property is yours to give away upon your death.

If you live in a common law state, as opposed to a community property state, spouses can lay claim to property separately. There will be some property that is very clearly yours by way of purchasing the property or having inherited it/been gifted it, while other pieces of property will be jointly owned with your spouse.

In order to navigate the tricky waters of property division and wills, it is important to hire a Long Island family law attorney who is well-versed in this area of law. Don't wait to contact the Meyers Law Group to enlist our services and help.