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Getting Permanent Maintenance

Are you in the process of getting a divorce? If so, then you must be wondering about whether you are eligible for permanent maintenance. While it is harder to get permanent maintenance than it was ten years ago, it is possible.

When you petition for this type of support, you are asking the court to approve an order for your spouse to pay you each month for an indefinite period of time. This allows you to live in the same way that you did during your marriage.

This is generally granted to someone that has been in a long marriage. In most cases, individuals that are granted permanent alimony have been in a marriage that has lasted longer than ten years and in which there is a serious income disparity. While it is possible to ask for permanent alimony in marriages that are not long, there needs to be a serious reason, such as an incurable illness, that the court should consider before granting alimony.

If you would like to seek maintenance in New York, you'll want to work with a Long Island family law attorney. To get legal representation, don't wait to contact the Meyers Law Group.