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Rumors About Divorce Mediation

Are you considering divorce mediation? If so, there may be a few rumors that you may have heard about the process. Before you decide to start mediation, you should understand why these rumors are not true.

Some people believe that mediation is for people that are afraid to speak up for themselves, that one person will be bullied by the other. This is not true as mediation allows both parties to speak about the issues that are important to them in an environment where both sides are heard and respected. While you might think that this process would make a divorce take even longer, studies show that mediation actually shortens the divorce process.

When considering mediation, know that you can turn to a Long Island family lawyer at the Meyers Law Group. A divorce attorney from our firm can review the final terms of your divorce settlement, provide counsel and support throughout the process and ensure that your rights remain protected. Contact the Meyers Law Group now to enlist our mediation services.