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New York to Allow No-Fault Divorce

Although the divorce rate is already high in the country, some states, like New York, are making it even easier for couples to get divorced. Last October, the state adopted no-fault separations in which couples could file for divorce quickly if neither spouse had objections to the split.

Rather than force couples to place blame on one party or both parties, a no-fault divorce states that both sides simply want move forward with a divorce. In the past, getting a divorce in the state was not so easy, but the new law changes this.

Since New York enacted new legislation, divorce filings have skyrocketed. In October of last year 37,015 divorce papers were filed; in May 2011, 33,160 filings were entered across the state. This has kept the courts and Long Island divorce lawyers busy as couples who want to seek peaceful separations are doing so in droves.

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