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Changing Child Custody Agreements

When you share child custody with a former partner/spouse, you may not always be able to work within the boundaries of your agreement. In the event that you do need to change your custody agreement, you will need to show that a modification in circumstances is so great as to necessitate the altering of your custodial agreement.

Since the court is determined to maintain a lifestyle that is best for the child involved, the court is loathe to change your child custody agreement without a good reason. One of the most popular reasons for seeking a change in child custody is to support a move. If the parent who has primary custody of the child wants to move away from the other parent, he/she will need to seek court approval before doing so. Moving without getting approval from the court could result in serious legal troubles, if not criminal ones as well. If you are the parent who does not have primary custody and will be affected by the move, you can also bring your case before the court and request child custody modification.

When you need help enforcing a child custody order or changing one, it is advised that you contact a Long Island child custody lawyer from our firm. Our attorneys will work tirelessly to protect your parental rights as well as your child's best interests.