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The Advantages and Disadvantages of a Prenup

Are you considering a prenuptial agreement for your upcoming marriage? If so, it is wise to understand the advantages and disadvantages of doing so before drafting up the documents.

Although discussing a prenup can be difficult and sticky for some people, it is important to understand why they can be beneficial for both parties. For example, you can protect your personal property; support an estate plan; and define beforehand what property is considered community or marital. Most importantly, however, is that you will save time and money should a divorce happen, since the large issues will already have been discussed and agreed upon. It can also make your dissolution smoother and, hopefully, reduce the amount of heartache that will already be present at that time.

Some people find that discussing a prenup can actually strengthen their future marriage. It forces them to discuss important matters like finances and property, topics that are often difficult for people in relationships to talk about. Even if you do not decide on a prenup after a serious discussion, you will have strengthened your relationship by having an honest and open period of communication.

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