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Possible Signs of Domestic Violence

There is no single definition of an abuser, just as there is no prototype for the battered woman. However, there are many common signs that can help you determine whether a friend or loved one is abusing/being abused:

The most common identifying factors are injuries, followed by excuses. If the injuries happen in obvious places, such as the face, the abuser is most likely attempting to keep the victim at home. With such obvious injuries, that person could be forced to either call in sick to work or make up excuses for the injuries once there. Multiple absences from school or work can be another sign of abuse. If this is happening more and more, you could be witnessing an abusive relationship at work.

Abused or battered women often exhibit problems with low self-esteem. However, this isn't true for all battered women, many of whom have a high self esteem and are confident in other areas of their lives. Yet, when it comes to their relationship, they will feel a loss of power and decline in self-worth. That woman will come to believe that she would not be able to exist without the abusive man in her life.

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