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Divorce, Maintenance, Child Support and Your Taxes

Good news for those who have yet to file their taxes: the IRS has extended the deadline by three days for 2011.

If you have recently become divorced then you need to be aware of changes in your tax filings. For example, parents who get child support are not taxed on that amount of money, nor can those paying child support deduct it from their income tax. However, those who receive alimony will be taxed on that amount while those who pay alimony can deduct it on their next tax return.

If you only receive temporary spousal support then you cannot claim it as taxable income. Nor can you claim alimony if it has been terminated within the first three calendar years from first filing for it.

Your tax situation can also change if your children reside with you or your partner.

If you have questions about child support or maintenance, contact us to get answers from a Long Island family lawyer today.