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The Divorce Trial Process

If you are unable to resolve all of the issues pertaining to your divorce then you may be required to go to court. Any of the issues that remain unsolved will be discussed in court in order to come to a resolution that will be binding. During the trial you will only have to resolve the items that you could not reach an agreement on. Depending on your state of residence you may be given a jury trial, although it is not usual to have them present.

For divorce cases that include a jury trial, there are several common themes that juries will be asked to resolve. These include but are not limited to child custody, fraud, asset value, cruel treatment, and other issues that include fault on behalf of one or both parties.

Whether you are given a trial to the court or a jury trial, there is no time line for a standard trial. As long as there is evidence to be brought forward to the court the trial will continue until all has been shown. Some trials could last for just one day, while others may take much longer.

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