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Parental Alienation is Extremely Tough for Parents to Go Through

Although it is an ugly part of society, parental alienation is a legal term that applies to a very real situation. This refers to a situation when one parent is targeted by the other, placing the child in a position of growing disinterest and distrust in the alienated parent. If you believe that a child is the victim of parental alienation, refer to the following paragraphs before consulting a family law attorney.

In many cases the child starts to show extreme anger or hatred towards the targeted parent, voicing their disinterest in spending time with him or her, and begin to repeat phrases that the obsessed alienator has spoken to them.

The situation can worsen when the alienator and child start to blog against the alienated parent, with the child showing no grief in his or her actions towards that parent. These feelings of hatred are based on irrational beliefs instilled by the obsessed alienator, and are often shared between the two.

If you believe you are a victim of parental alienation in New York, contact the Meyers Law Firm to get help from a Long Island family lawyer.