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A Few Common Divorce Myths vs. Facts

The subject of divorce, like numerous other subjects in life, has many myths built around it which can sometimes lead one to make the wrong choices. When one has the correct facts, its much easier to make the correct choices. The following are a few myths on the subject of divorce, then the facts.

Myth : It’s the man who normally initiates divorce proceedings.

Fact: Two-thirds of all divorces are actually initiated by women.

Myth: Children whose parents got divorced have the same chance of success in their own marriages as those children whose parents never got a divorce.

Fact: Children of divorced parents actually have ahigher chance of divorce than children whose parents never split up. The main reason for this, per a recent study, is that children learn about marital commitment and longevity by watching their parents. When parents divorce, it sets an example for the children.

Myth: It's never a good idea to get a divorce.

Fact: There are certainly circumstances where divorce is the best answer. If a woman is in an abusive relationship, where her safety or the safety of her children is at stake, then keeping the marriage together would be detrimental to all concerned.

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