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What Factors Allow for Support Modification in New York?

Quite often, need for support or ability to offer support change in the years following a divorce. Child support, spousal support, and child custody can all be modified through the courts after divorce under certain circumstances.

Child support can be modified if such circumstances are shown as the loss of a job, a substantial change in pay, or a significant change in the child or parent's health and associated health costs. Spousal support likewise might be modified if either party can demonstrate a significant and continuing change in circumstances, whether regarding your ability to pay spousal support or your spouse's change in need. Factors include remarriage, ability to be self-supporting, and significant changes in income by either spouse.

Child custody can also be modified after divorce. In this case, the factors to be considered include relocation issues, changes in work schedules, and changes in the environment to which the child is exposed.

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