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Orders of Protection in New York

A court order meant to stop violent and/or harassing behavior against yourself and your children by an abuser is known as an order of protection. An order of protection can be obtained in a family court, a criminal court, or the supreme court in New York. It will force an abuser to stay away from you and your children and to have no communication with you under penalty of criminal charges.

An order of protection typically lasts for two years, but if a judge determines that there are one or more aggravating circumstances, then an order of protection can be granted for up to five years. Such aggravating circumstances include:

· Physical injury or serious physical injury

· The use of a dangerous instrument including a weapon

· Repeated violations of prior orders of protection

· Prior convictions of crimes against you or your children by the abuser

· Prior incidents or behaviors of the abuser that evince immediate or ongoing danger to you or your children

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