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Visitation Tips for Divorced Dads

Fathers often have a difficult time connecting with their children after a divorce, particularly when their visitation is limited to weekends or evenings. Forced interaction for a limited period of time can be overwhelming and very stressful for dads who truly want to bond with their children and don't know how to do so under such constraints. Here are a few helpful tips for newly divorced dads:

Things will probably feel awkward when you first spend time with your child, and the child will feel the same awkwardness, but don't worry. This feeling will fade over time. Don't try to force yourself or your children into relaxing-let the settling-in process occur naturally. This doesn't mean avoiding your child, but it does mean giving them the chance to adjust as well.

Try planning activities in advance for you and your child to do together. Take their interests into consideration and try to think of things to do that you will both enjoy. Teaching them something new like a sport or a game can be a great way to bond, too.

And if your child or children have made their own plans for what to do with you, go with it! Don't let your child control your home when he or she is around, but be ready and willing to make compromises so they know their time is important, too. Just remember to maintain your role as father.

If you have questions or concerns about your father's rights, now is the right time to contact the Meyers Law Group and discuss your concerns with a Long Island family law attorney.