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Tips for Approaching Your Significant Other about a Nuptial Agreement

You may be thinking about approaching your significant other to discuss a nuptial agreement, but finding it difficult to have this conversation. If you are finding that it is hard to discuss this matter with your loved one, here are some tips you may want to follow to make the process easier:

§ Set a goal to have a conversation on a specific date. If there are changes occurring in your relationship, such as one person getting a promotion, it may be a good time to set a date for this important conversation.

§ Be prepared to answer questions. More often than not, when you approach your loved one, he or she will ask why you want a nuptial agreement. Know what your answer will be and how you will approach this question.

§ Be delicate. This matter can bring out raw emotions from your significant other so it is important that you remain calm and explain your needs delicately. Be sensitive to your loved one and supportive, but do not back down on your goal of obtaining a nuptial agreement.

§ Get a family lawyer involved. Chances are, a family law attorney will be able to explain nuptial agreements better than you can and will also be able to help you mediate through conflicts you may encounter. This allows grants your loved one a chance to speak with a legal professional that can answer his or her questions.

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