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Three Types of Parental Alienators

Generally speaking, there are three main types of alienators that are identifiable in cases involving parental alienation. They are: the naïve alienator, the active alienator and the obsessed alienator.

Naïve Alienator: many divorce or separated parents are naïve alienators. Often times, these types of alienators have good intentions and fully understand the importance of their children having relationships with the other parents. However, they do things to promote alienation without even knowing it.

Active Alienator: parents that have court problems with visitation tend to be active alienators. They may believe that their kids should have ongoing relationships with their other parents, but may have a problem controlling their hurt, bitterness or anger in front of the kids.

Obsessed Alienator: parents that are obsessed alienators want their children on their "side" no matter what. They will do all they can to destroy their children's relationships with their other parents.

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