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Child Visitation Tips

If you have secured child visitation and are wondering what things you can do to make your time with your child more rewarding, follow these helpful tips:

§ Plan activities with your kids in advance. Letting your kids know what activities are in store for them will not only create excitement, but also positivity as kids will have something new to look forward to.

§ Plan for alone time. Even more valuable than fun-filled activities is the time you spend alone with your child. Make sure that you incorporate one-on-one time so that your child gets to bond with you.

§ Be patient. Sometimes, kids need time to adjust to visitation or a new schedule. Be patient with your children as they must become acquainted with the changes and even a new environment.

§ Allow contact. If your child wants to call his/her mother or father during a visit, allow him/her to do so. It will make your child feel more stable and secure.

If you have additional questions pertaining to child visitation or need assistance with a visitation matter, contact the Meyers Law Group and schedule a consultation with a Long Island family lawyer.