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3 Types of Divorce Processes

Generally speaking, when spouses choose to divorce, they will go through one of three different types of divorce processes. Below, each process is explained:

This divorce process occurs when spouses choose to file for divorce on their own without any help from a legal representative. Spouses handle everything on their own and must deal with their own paperwork and decisions. While this type of divorce process is less pricey, it can become quite complicated and contentious.

Divorce Mediation
Spouses that decide to seek divorce mediation generally work together with assistance from a mediator, such as a family lawyer, and decide upon important issues by working together. This may also be referred to as an uncontested divorce.

Divorce Litigation
During divorce litigation, each spouse will hire his or her own divorce attorney. They will then pursue the outcomes they desire for their legal matters, such as child custody and property division, by having their attorneys work on their behalf or by allowing their divorces to be settled in court.

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