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Reaping Benefits from Divorce Mediation

Many couples have switched to this cheaper, faster, and less emotionally-charged method of ending their marriage, and here is why.

You will significantly shorten the confrontation time that is inevitable when settling a divorce. By having a mediator present both parties can come to an agreement in a period of time that is significantly shorter than going through the courts. It is also considerably cheaper than going through a long, drawn-out divorce. The couple shares the cost of one mediator versus two lawyers as is standard in most divorce situations.

On average you can save 40 to 60 percent less with a mediator. It is recommended that both parties retain an attorney to review the final statements even if their mediation is successful. The mediator may not be a legal professional so they cannot always advice you as a family law attorney could.

This method of divorce is also better for any children involved, as the divorcing parents have more control over what happens to their children. Together they can develop a parenting plan rather than allowing the courts or lawyers to do so.

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