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Tips for Internet Usage During a Divorce

With internet use becoming ubiquitous among all generations, it is especially important to remember to censor your online profile and monitor your spouse's online profile if you are going through a separation or divorce. Some things to look out for, and avoid, are:

1. Bad-mouthing your spouse online: Although many people post messages, statuses, tweets, etc, about their feelings, talking about your estranged spouse could get you into trouble later on. You probably have mutual friends and followers online, including some of his family members, so it is always best to not talk about the details of your separation or divorce.

2. Posting compromising pictures online: Pictures of you out at parties drinking could be used against you in child custody battles as evidence that you are not a responsible parent. Similarly, pictures with a new beau could be used as evidence of alienation of affection, a grounds for a fault divorce. Even pictures just enjoying a day could be used to show that you aren't committed to work or that you don't actually need spousal support. For now, just avoid posting pictures altogether.

3. Change all of your passwords and disable automatic login. No matter how much you believe that your spouse would never log into your account without your permission, divorce brings out the worst in people. Messages that were not intended for him or her to see could become public, which could hurt you in the divorce proceedings.

4. Overall, just keep in mind that nothing is truly private on the internet. Even "private" communications can be subpoenaed.

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