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Pre-nups for Same-Sex Couples in NY

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With the declaration of a landmark Supreme Court decision in June 2015, all same-sex couples in New York can rightfully wed and receive all of the benefits and responsibilities that opposite sex couples are entitled to. However, as many couples rush to the altar, important aspects of planning for the wedding must be taken into consideration with help from a seasoned attorney at our firm.

Here at The Meyers Law Group, P.C., we understand your excitement for your upcoming wedding. While embarking into the journey of marriage can be an exciting event, it should also be well planned with a prenuptial agreement. We realize that it may be uncomfortable for you to consider that it may end in divorce. However, planning for unforeseen events is always a priority, especially if you have any estates, assets or property that you would wish to remain in your possession.

Ensure Your Rights & Interests are Protected

Entering into a prenuptial agreement is a wise idea for any couple who is considering marriage. Many people view a prenuptial agreement with a negative outlook. They assume that a couple is predicting a divorce if they enter into this agreement. However, this agreement is simply contracted for purposes of protecting oneself from a spouse's debt or protecting a family business, to expand possible inheritance rights and to identify which of your assets are considered to be separate and which are marital in the event of a divorce. At our firm, we strongly advise all couples making the decision to wed to enter into a prenuptial agreement. We are prepared to help you finalize all of the paperwork and to make any decisions regarding adoption or any other family law matters.

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