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Long Island Parenting Plan Lawyers

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If you and your former spouse or partner are sharing custody of your children, creating a parenting plan could be tremendously beneficial. Parenting plans cover both the major decisions about your children's upbringings as well as the everyday aspects of their lives. If you are interested in creating a parenting plan to avoid unnecessary conflicts and provide structure and security to your children's lives, don't hesitate to speak with our firm's experienced divorce lawyers in Long Island & Suffolk County.

What's included in a parenting plan?

In order to create a successful parenting plan, your plan must address all aspects of your children's lives, their relationships with both parents, and the responsibilities of each parent. Having a detailed plan in place will enable everyone involved to know what is expected and make it easier to keep interactions between you and your former partner peaceful.

Parenting Time

  • On which days will each parent have the children?
  • Who will drop off or pick up the children, and at what time?
  • Will the children's birthdays be celebrated separately or together?
  • How will summer and holiday vacations be split?
  • Will you split holidays or take turns celebrating with the children?
  • When will the children see grandparents and extended relatives?
  • Will the children have the same rules and responsibilities at both homes?


  • Do you need to agree before any medical or dental decisions are made?
  • Will you both have access to medical records and be notified if there is an emergency?
  • Whose health insurance will the children be on?
  • How will costs not covered by insurance be split?
  • Who will take the children to appointments?

Education and Activities

  • Will the children continue to attend their same schools?
  • Will you both agree before making any important decisions about education?
  • Who will care for the children when they are sick or on snow days?
  • Will you both go to teacher meetings and receive report cards?
  • Will you both decide what activities the children can participate in?
  • Who will pay the league, lesson, and equipment fees?
  • Who will take the children to practices, games, and recitals?


  • Do you both agree on the type of religious upbringing the children should have?
  • How involved will the children be in a religious organization?
  • Will the children attend the same religious organization no matter which parent they are with?
  • How will disagreements over religion be settled?


  • How will the costs of raising your children be shared?
  • How will you save for the children, such as their college funds?
  • How will the children be claimed on taxes?
  • Will the children receive allowance?
  • Who will pay if the children cause damage, such as a broken window or a car accident?


  • What are the children's chores and daily responsibilities?
  • What rules will both parents enforce regarding the children's diets, clothing, and entertainment?
  • How will the children be disciplined?
  • Will the older children have a curfew?
  • What are the guidelines for interactions with the parents' significant others?

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