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Nuptial Agreements in Long Island

Huntington Divorce & Family Lawyers

Before people get married, they have the option of entering into a written agreement that clearly and precisely outlines how each person's separate assets will be divided, should the marriage end in death or divorce. This agreement is referred to as either a prenuptial agreement or a postnuptial agreement. Prenuptial agreements are drafted before the marriage takes place, and postnuptial agreements are created after the marriage has commenced.

What do the agreements address?

When a couple discusses and acknowledges each other's financial, economic, and social wishes before or shortly after entering a marriage, it helps build trust into the relationship and eliminates confusion and tension in the event of a divorce. There are many reasons why a couple may chooses to draft a pre- or postnuptial agreement. In most situations, couples enter into pre or postnuptial agreements to define, in clear terms, how their marital and separate property, assets, and possessions will be divided if the marriage were to end in divorce or death.

Pre and postnuptial agreements also indicate how other familial obligations will be handled, such as:

What are the benefits of a nuptial agreement?

At The Meyers Law Group, P.C., our experienced Huntington divorce lawyers have helped countless clients draft and review pre and postnuptial agreements for the following reasons:

  • Protect the safety and best interest of the family
  • Protect estate rights for children
  • Maintain financial security
  • Protect inheritances and heirlooms
  • Protect stocks, bonds, pension, trusts, and retirement funds
  • Protect money earned from an independent business endeavor or enhanced education

Enlist Skilled Legal Counsel for Your Agreement

If you are interested in drafting a pre or postnuptial agreement, or if someone has served you with an agreement, you should speak with a knowledgeable Long Island divorce lawyer from our team immediately. We have helped countless clients with their pre or post nuptial agreements, and are extremely knowledgeable in this area of the law.

We help our clients review, draft, and negotiate their agreements to serve in their best interest. Furthermore, we provide all of our clients with individualized attention, and are always available to discuss any questions or concerns that may arise.

Contact The Meyers Law Group, P.C. if you would like to discuss creating a nuptial agreement in Nassau County or Suffolk County.