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New York's Marriage Equality Act

In New York's enactment of the Marriage Equality Act in 2011, same sex couples are finally being granted the right to marry. While the state has honored same-sex marriage that has been legally performed in other states, the LGBT community has always found extreme difficulty in finding equality. The time has finally come to break free from the chains of restriction and finally rejoice for marriage equality for all.

Changes to the Law

The Marriage Equality Act, signed into effect in June, actually amends a current law that New York has in place.

The Domestic Relations Law has now been changed with the following amendments in favor of same-sex marriage:

  • A marriage is valid regardless of the sexual orientation or gender of both parties.
  • No government treatment, legal status, right, privilege, benefit, responsibility or protection offered in marriage will differ based on the sexual orientation or gender of the parties in the marriage.
  • All relevant gender-specific language referenced by New York law must be constructed in a gender-neutral manner.
  • No application for a marriage license can be denied based upon the gender or sexual orientation of the parties involved.

While the law is extremely beneficial for all parties involved, it also allows for religious entities, benevolent organizations and not-for-profit corporations to refuse to perform a marriage ceremony or provide their facility for a ceremony should their religious principles forbid them to do so.

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