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Lesbian and Gay Couples

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  • U.S. Supreme Court Declares Same-Sex Marriage Legal Nationwide

    || 30-Jun-2015

    In a landmark ruling last week, The U.S. Supreme Court declared same-sex marriage legal nationwide. The split 5-4 decision comes following years of hard-fought, state-by-state legalization victories by lawmakers and activists and marks a profound civil rights victory for LGBT communities all over the country. Speaking for the majority, Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote passionately about the decision ...
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  • Tax Season for Same-Sex Couples

    || 26-Mar-2014

    This past August, the IRS announced that same-sex couples who were married in recognition states would be considered a married couple on their federal taxes. Whether you are a same-sex married couple or a couple who is contemplating marriage, there are several questions and considerations to address for this tax season, and beyond. Here are five of them right now: 1) Is it the "place of ...
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  • Same-Sex Divorce and the Benefits of Mediation

    || 17-Feb-2014

    Even though divorce mediation is often the recommended course for any divorcing couple, same-sex couples who want a divorce currently face special complications, complications that mediation may be able to smooth over. Admittedly, a contested divorce is sometimes unavoidable, but a litigated divorce can be a risky venture, and it will certainly be an expensive process. Instead of arranging the ...
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  • Same-Sex Divorce when There Are Multiple Registrations

    || 28-Jan-2014

    As difficult as any divorce is, changing laws can make this process even more difficult. This is the case with same-sex divorce, especially when a couple has registered for a civil union or domestic partnership in another state. Say for instance that a couple registered as beneficiary partners in Hawaii, entered a civil union in Colorado, or registered as domestic partners in Nevada. Then they ...
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  • An Overview of Domestic Partnership in New York

    || 23-Jan-2014

    While Domestic Partnerships originally began around 1980 when gay and lesbian couples wanted a legally recognized relationship, this is now something that can be available to any couple. A couple can enter a Domestic Partnership if they are unmarried, cohabitating, and want to avail themselves of certain benefits and legal protections given to married couples. To be eligible to register, neither ...
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  • Child Custody in Same-Sex Divorce

    || 21-Jan-2014

    The divorce process is complicated for any couple, and matters of child custody only escalate the intensity of the divorce. Nowhere is this truer than in areas of law that are relatively recent. For same-sex couples wanting to get a divorce, the process is already riddled with uncertainty, expenses, and courts that are still figuring out how this process works. When all this can come together to ...
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  • Federal Marriage Benefits for Same-Sex Married Couples

    || 13-Jan-2014

    As Utah has currently put a hold on its recognition of same-sex marriages, the federal government has issued an announcement that will be unaffected by the state's decision. The Department of Justice announced last week that the more than 1,300 same sex-marriages in Utah will be recognized by the federal government. This means that these couples will be eligible for the same federal benefits ...
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