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  • The Meyers Law Group, P.C. is proud to announce that our founder Natasha Meyers, Esq., has been nominated and accepted as The American Institute of Family Law Attorneys Two Years 10 Best Family Law Attorney for Client Satisfaction. AIOFLA’s award only recognizes the performance of exceptional attorneys practicing family law in New York. Attorney Meyers has established a reputation throughout ...
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  • Divorce After 50

    || 18-May-2017

    In the last few years, more and more couples over 50 are getting divorced. People have begun to refer to it as “gray divorce,” particularly for marriages that are long-lasting. It was documented in the United States as early as the 1980s, but it wasn’t really in the public limelight until 2004, when the AARP released a study on the subject. What makes gray divorce it so different ...
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  • The Importance of Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements

    || 17-May-2016

    In the excitement of getting married, it can be easy to overlook the importance of a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement. Postnuptial and prenuptial agreements are very similar with one noteable difference - postnuptial agreements are signed after entering a marriage, while prenuptial agreements are signed beforehand. Having a discussion with a soon-to-be spouse on what happens to your property ...
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  • Signs It's Time to Change Divorce Lawyers

    || 25-Apr-2016

    Although it’s important to retain proper representation when facing a divorce, you are responsible for the quality of that representation and the impact it has on your case. You want a divorce attorney who is skilled, efficient, knowledgeable, and prepared. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case and some individuals find themselves wanting to switch lawyers mid-case. In this blog, ...
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  • New Spousal Maintenance Guidelines Signed into Law

    || 29-Sep-2015

    This summer, after years of effort and collaboration with judges and advocates, lawmakers in the New York Senate passed a bill that would provide much-needed reform for the state's alimony laws. Now, as of September 25, 2015, that bill, Bill A-7645-2015, has been signed into law by the governor. According to the memo from the bill's sponsor, some of the key changes to law that will be made ...
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  • Pope Francis Makes Marriage Annulments Easier to Obtain

    || 10-Sep-2015

    In Catholicism, divorce is a significant sin that bars congregants from certain church traditions and, in some cases, even labels them an adulterer. The only way to end a marriage within the faith is through church annulments, which, in years past, have been notoriously difficult and expensive to obtain. This week, however, Pope Francis announced new initiatives that will now make securing an ...
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  • Navigating the Courtroom During Your Divorce

    || 7-Aug-2015

    Those about to go through a divorce procedure in New York will have to appear in the Supreme Court of the State of New York. It is common for clients to have no courtroom experience and feel intimidated at the notion of appearing before the judge and adhering to rules and procedures that they may not be familiar with. While it is likely that it will not have a significant bearing on your case, how ...
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  • Can Bitcoins Hide Financial Assets?

    || 14-Nov-2014

    When a couple chooses to get a divorce, they will find themselves searching their homes and computers for complete documentation of their property and assets. The court requires that you disclose all of this information in order to determine a fair divorce settlement for both of the parties in the divorce. However some people will still try to hide assets from a spouse in order to keep more for ...
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  • New York Marriage Annulment Laws

    || 4-Nov-2014

    Some marriages in New York can be voided, which is known as an annulment. To be considered void, it must be proven that the marriage should never have occurred at all. What marriages can be annulled? Marriages can be voided based on whether or not the marriage should have been legitimate to begin with, or if a court decides that the marriage is void. Some of the reasons that a marriage can be ...
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  • How to Choose the Best Divorce Attorney For Your Case

    || 28-Oct-2014

    Going through a divorce is an emotionally and financially draining process, and it is important that you have a solid advocate by your side. No matter what reasons you are seeking divorce for, everyone should feel supported in their decision to end their marriage and begin the next step of their lives. The Right Attorney Is an Asset to Your Case Some ways that you can make sure that you are ...
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  • Keeping Children Happy After a Divorce

    || 22-Oct-2014

    No matter what the feelings are between you and your former spouse in a divorce, the family must make sure that the kids are taken care of throughout the divorce. Young children are especially affected by a separation, and dealing with this new life can take some adjustment. Co-parenting is one suggestion that can help to maintain a sense of family for the children, but there are many other ways ...
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  • Avoid Making Financial Mistakes in Divorce

    || 20-Oct-2014

    The spouse that has not been in charge of managing a family's finances is generally less prepared when entering into divorce settlement negotiations since they may not even be aware of all of the places the family has money. This financial knowledge has serious long-term benefits since it allows both parties to fairly negotiate, but it can also help a person gauge how their financial situation ...
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  • Is Child Custody Mediation Right For You?

    || 14-Oct-2014

    One of the most painful parts of a separation is when a couple must make an agreement to divide time with their children. When a parent is used to seeing their child at all times, it can be extremely difficult when one parent obtains primary custody or both parents must go extended periods without being able to see their kids. For this reason, many individual opt to use custody mediation to come ...
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  • Risks to Consider Before Relocating a Child

    || 10-Oct-2014

    Sometimes when a couple gets divorces, one spouse will decide that moving away from the other will be in their best interests. If children are involved, moving away is not just an instance of packing up and taking off, but requires a case in family court. The judge will determine whether or not it is in the best interests of the children to move away. Risks of Move-Away Cases When bringing a case ...
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  • Prenuptial Agreement in Question for Billionaire Divorce

    || 6-Oct-2014

    A high-profile hedge-fund billionaire asked to divorce his spouse in July. His spouse has asked to void their prenuptial agreement so that equitable share of the property can be given to each party. Spouse Claims Prenuptial Coercion The spouse says that the prenuptial agreement was given right before the wedding and that she was coerced into signing it. A prenuptial agreement can be invalidated if ...
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  • Military Divorce Brings Different Challenges

    || 2-Oct-2014

    Military divorces are usually handled in family law courts, but issues that are faced regarding military pensions, child custody, and deployments are additional challenges in the divorce process. Custody Challenges for Military Families For active duty military members, the biggest hurdle can do with child custody. Long deployments can make it hard to get joint or shared custody due to long, ...
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  • Facebook Linked with Higher Divorce Rates

    || 30-Sep-2014

    Facebook and other social media networks are trends that seem like they're here to stay, but engaging in social media may be a predictor of divorce for some couples. "Computers and Human Behavior" Study A study called "Computers and Human Behavior" found that Facebook and other social media usage is correlated with lowered satisfaction with marriage and higher divorce ...
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  • Tips for Divorcing Parents with Kids

    || 24-Sep-2014

    When children are involved, making the decision to divorce should be taken seriously, and any agreements made concerning the children should be strictly adhered to. For couples that decide that a divorce will be in the best interest of the entire family, there are some tips that can help ease the impact of divorce on a couple's children. Tips for the Sake of the Kids While it may be easy to ...
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  • Questions to Ask before Hiring a Divorce Attorney

    || 22-Sep-2014

    The beginning of the divorce process starts way before divorce papers are ever served. A divorce is official when two parties go to court and have an agreement signed by a judge that legally separates the couple from marital ties. If the couple has kids, the divorce journey can take even longer. For some divorcing couples, many aspects of the actual process are removed from their control. If the ...
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  • Study Suggests Shorter Men Less Likely to Divorce

    || 18-Sep-2014

    A recent working paper being published by sociologists at New York University suggests that tall men get married first while shorter men stay married longer. How Height Factors Into Divorce The study examined the level of physical attraction in a relationship, specifically their height, and how this relates to the outcomes of longer-term relationships. The sociologists' work shows that in ...
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  • New York Pastrami Couple's Meaty Divorce

    || 16-Sep-2014

    In the high profile New York divorce of the millionaire owners of Carnegie Deli, Manhattan Supreme Court Judge Matthew Cooper has little sympathy for their case. Details of the Divorce The couple, married for 22 years, have brought up a few concerns in their divorce case including : Accusations that one spouse carried on an affair with a former hostess; Challenges the order that requires $11,000 ...
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  • Back to School Tips for the Recently Divorced

    || 11-Sep-2014

    If a family is going through divorce around the same time for the kids to go back to school, it is important that the extra physical, emotional, and financial stresses are handled in a way that will limit its effect on the child's education. Back to School Tips for Recently Divorced Parents Stick to child custody agreements. The first thing that parents should do is decide on what arrangements ...
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  • New York's Laws on Child Relocation

    || 9-Sep-2014

    After a divorce, the thought of starting over new may be appealing for you and your family. However, once children are involved in divorce proceedings, any relocation done by the custodial parent must be approved by the other parent, as well as the courts. New York State laws are strict. Any parent seeking to make a move with a child must go through the court. If you are seeking to relocate, an ...
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  • Hidden Assets in a Divorce Case

    || 4-Sep-2014

    When a marriage starts to break down, it is not uncommon for one or both partners to begin hiding money and assets to prevent the other spouse from obtaining what is theirs. In equitable distribution states such as New York, all property held by both spouses is divided according to what a court determines to be fair. Why Do Hidden Assets Matter? Discovering hidden assets is important to ensure ...
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  • The billionaire that founded American oil firm Continental Resources, is facing the largest divorce judgment in history. As a big player in the recent trend of fracking for oil, Harold Hamm made billions. Recently, Mr. Hamm and his spouse decided to get a divorce. While the records to the case are sealed, Mr. Hamm is known to be worth an estimated $20.2 billion. Most of his wealth was acquired ...
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