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Blog Posts in September, 2014

  • Facebook Linked with Higher Divorce Rates

    || 30-Sep-2014

    Facebook and other social media networks are trends that seem like they're here to stay, but engaging in social media may be a predictor of divorce for some couples. "Computers and Human Behavior" Study A study called "Computers and Human Behavior" found that Facebook and other social media usage is correlated with lowered satisfaction with marriage and higher divorce ...
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  • Tips for Divorcing Parents with Kids

    || 24-Sep-2014

    When children are involved, making the decision to divorce should be taken seriously, and any agreements made concerning the children should be strictly adhered to. For couples that decide that a divorce will be in the best interest of the entire family, there are some tips that can help ease the impact of divorce on a couple's children. Tips for the Sake of the Kids While it may be easy to ...
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  • Questions to Ask before Hiring a Divorce Attorney

    || 22-Sep-2014

    The beginning of the divorce process starts way before divorce papers are ever served. A divorce is official when two parties go to court and have an agreement signed by a judge that legally separates the couple from marital ties. If the couple has kids, the divorce journey can take even longer. For some divorcing couples, many aspects of the actual process are removed from their control. If the ...
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  • Study Suggests Shorter Men Less Likely to Divorce

    || 18-Sep-2014

    A recent working paper being published by sociologists at New York University suggests that tall men get married first while shorter men stay married longer. How Height Factors Into Divorce The study examined the level of physical attraction in a relationship, specifically their height, and how this relates to the outcomes of longer-term relationships. The sociologists' work shows that in ...
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  • New York Pastrami Couple's Meaty Divorce

    || 16-Sep-2014

    In the high profile New York divorce of the millionaire owners of Carnegie Deli, Manhattan Supreme Court Judge Matthew Cooper has little sympathy for their case. Details of the Divorce The couple, married for 22 years, have brought up a few concerns in their divorce case including : Accusations that one spouse carried on an affair with a former hostess; Challenges the order that requires $11,000 ...
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  • Back to School Tips for the Recently Divorced

    || 11-Sep-2014

    If a family is going through divorce around the same time for the kids to go back to school, it is important that the extra physical, emotional, and financial stresses are handled in a way that will limit its effect on the child's education. Back to School Tips for Recently Divorced Parents Stick to child custody agreements. The first thing that parents should do is decide on what arrangements ...
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  • New York's Laws on Child Relocation

    || 9-Sep-2014

    After a divorce, the thought of starting over new may be appealing for you and your family. However, once children are involved in divorce proceedings, any relocation done by the custodial parent must be approved by the other parent, as well as the courts. New York State laws are strict. Any parent seeking to make a move with a child must go through the court. If you are seeking to relocate, an ...
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  • Hidden Assets in a Divorce Case

    || 4-Sep-2014

    When a marriage starts to break down, it is not uncommon for one or both partners to begin hiding money and assets to prevent the other spouse from obtaining what is theirs. In equitable distribution states such as New York, all property held by both spouses is divided according to what a court determines to be fair. Why Do Hidden Assets Matter? Discovering hidden assets is important to ensure ...
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  • The billionaire that founded American oil firm Continental Resources, is facing the largest divorce judgment in history. As a big player in the recent trend of fracking for oil, Harold Hamm made billions. Recently, Mr. Hamm and his spouse decided to get a divorce. While the records to the case are sealed, Mr. Hamm is known to be worth an estimated $20.2 billion. Most of his wealth was acquired ...
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