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Blog Posts in June, 2014

  • About Orders of Protection in a Long Island Divorce

    || 26-Jun-2014

    How to Safely Achieve Divorce in an Abusive Marriage Orders of protection are legal options that include restraining orders. An order of protection may be necessary if your spouse or ex-spouse is inflicting abuse such as: Threats Emotional abuse Physical violence Harassment Stalking This also applies if you are facing domestic abuse from a relative, the parent of your child, or someone with whom ...
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  • Figuring Out Your Post-Divorce Budget

    || 23-Jun-2014

    Unfortunately, too many people agree to the terms of a divorce without fully realizing what their post-divorce budget will be. For example, a parent might pledge more in child support than he or she can actually afford. Or one spouse might agree to forego maintenance before realizing that he or she will actually need those support payments. One of the most enormous errors committed in a divorce ...
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  • Prenuptial Agreements for Second Marriages

    || 19-Jun-2014

    Family Attorney in Long Island When someone is entering a second marriage, particularly if this is coming after a divorce, that person's financial situation is likely far more complex than it ever was. Such complicating factors include: Child support and maintenance payments they're making Increased amounts of separate property Wanting to pass down a full inheritance to children from a ...
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  • Don't Forget About Your Tax Debts and Credit Score

    || 16-Jun-2014

    While your attention may be devoted to figuring out daily expenses and getting what you need from property division, you cannot afford to forget about your credit score in a divorce. Even if you end up with a good retirement plan and some property through equitable distribution, your future needs the boost of a good credit history. Here are some ways you can strive to keep a divorce from damaging ...
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  • What to Look for in a Divorce Attorney

    || 12-Jun-2014

    While you will be faced with many life-altering decisions in your divorce, one of the greatest decisions you will have to make is your choice of divorce lawyer. If you choose an overly aggressive attorney, this could backfire and drag you through a costly trial. Choose an unassertive or inexperienced lawyer, and you can end up with a severely unfair divorce settlement. So if you're looking for ...
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  • Five Tips for Making it Through Divorce

    || 9-Jun-2014

    When it comes to divorce, not only are you navigating a complex set of family laws, but you are in the midst of tricky relationships filled with difficult communication. As a lot is riding on this divorce process, you need to be as prepared for these difficulties as you can. Here are five general tips to help you out: Wait before you mention a new partner. Before the divorce is finalized, it can ...
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  • Three Tips for Determining Child Custody in Mediation

    || 4-Jun-2014

    When you need to create a parenting plan in your divorce, this can quickly become the one of the most difficult aspects of the entire process. You and your spouse may need legal counsel when it comes to making these major decisions about child custody and visitation, and for many divorcing parents, mediation offers a way to successfully negotiate you and your children's futures. If divorce ...
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  • Increasing Percentage of Women Are Paying Spousal & Child Support

    || 2-Jun-2014

    While it used to be that only females who were celebrities made child and spousal support payments in the wake of a divorce, more and more women all across the country are starting to make such payments in divorces. The Pew Research Center found that as of 2013, mothers were the main (or only) breadwinners in forty percent of American households. It was also found that 25 percent of mothers are ...
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