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Blog Posts in July, 2014

  • Six Outlooks that Could Help You Through Divorce

    || 31-Jul-2014

    Of course, it is vital to have your financial records all lined up and to stay on top of the legal aspects of your divorce. But there is at least one more vital component to walking away from a divorce with the resources you need for a new, stronger chapter in life, and that is your approach. How do you make the best of a difficult situation? Gleaned from the experiences of others who have ...
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  • Five Things to Do Immediately After You Decide to Divorce

    || 29-Jul-2014

    What You Can Do on Your Computer Right Away Not even divorce is really private anymore. Unfortunately, the first thing that many people do after the divorce bomb has been dropped is vent online. Those are ugly details that will never come down from the internet. Instead of doing something both rash and permanent, a recent USA TODAY article provided a few things you can do to protect yourself: ...
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  • Hiding Assets in a Divorce: The Severe Consequences

    || 24-Jul-2014

    It is only understandable that you should be afraid of the financial troubles a divorce could cause. And as your marriage is dissolving, it can be only natural to not want to your spouse to take away what you feel belongs to you. This anxiety could be amplified in states such as New York, where equitable distribution means that you might not get a full half of the assets if a court thinks your ex ...
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  • Should You Wait to File for Divorce?

    || 21-Jul-2014

    If you know you will be getting a divorce, preparedness might be the gauge of whether or not to go ahead. Sure, waiting until school is out, the holidays are over, or other circumstances arrive could make sense. But then plunging ahead just because a certain day hits will make no sense whatsoever if you are not ready. How can you know that you are ready to file for divorce? Here are at least four ...
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  • Did You Make Any of These Mistakes on Your Prenup?

    || 17-Jul-2014

    Protecting Yourself from Errors Even if you got a prenuptial agreement, this will not always be an airtight contract, not if you made one of several common mistakes. If you have made any such errors, your prenup could be vulnerable to attacks from a soon-to-be ex contesting the terms of your agreement. While it can be very hard to actually overturn a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement, you do not ...
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  • Attorney Meyers Named on "The Titans 10" List by Divorce Saloon

    || 16-Jul-2014

    Divorce Saloon® International has just released its 2014 list of "The Titans 10," the divorce blog's list of the top 10 male and female divorce lawyers in New York City. For the list of the list of the 10 leading female divorce attorneys for this area, Natasha Meyers was listed in the No. 1 spot ! Ms. Meyers' inclusion in this listing shows that she uses hard-hitting, ...
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  • Is There Common Law Marriage in New York?

    || 15-Jul-2014

    Only 11 states plus the District of Columbia recognize common law marriages. New York is not one of these states. While this type of legal relationships cannot form in this state, New York can recognize common law marriages that come from states where this relationship is formally recognized. Does this mean anything for cohabitating couples in New York? Yes. In states where there is no common law ...
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  • Gray Divorce & Retirement: Avoid This Mistake!

    || 9-Jul-2014

    While any divorce can be devastating, financially as well as emotionally, the fact remains that too many people undercut their futures by not being prepared for what lies ahead in the divorce process. This is particularly true in the "gray divorce", or divorce after 50. If unprepared, a divorcee could find their retirement plans sabotaged by the separation. Here are six tips to keep your ...
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  • Medical Marijuana and Child Custody in New York

    || 7-Jul-2014

    Can legal marijuana use affect custody in Long Island? Monday, July 7, New York joins the ranks of 22 other states where medical marijuana has been legalized, but of course, restrictions apply. Yet if other states can be relied on as examples of what is to come, a parent who uses marijuana legally could still have this used against them in custody hearings ! First off, the recent law will not go ...
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  • Moving Out During Divorce Can Be a Critical Mistake

    || 2-Jul-2014

    It happens far too often. The spouse who initiates the divorce feels compelled to be the one to leave the home. Or the spouse initiating divorce tells the other to move out, and the other stunned spouse bemusedly complies. There are many, many reasons while moving out of the house of your own free will can put so much at risk in a divorce. The Effect on Child Custody and Support In a child custody ...
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  • What to Do If You Get a Child Support Petition in Long Island

    || 1-Jul-2014

    Courts can order a noncustodial parent to pay child support because every parent owes this responsibility to their child; every child is entitled to this support. If you receive a petition telling you that you are being asked to pay child support, you need to know how to rightly handle this situation, and to avoid the consequences of any missteps. You Will Likely Need to Go to Court First of all, ...
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