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Blog Posts in February, 2014

  • Divorce After 50: Property Division and Your Retirement

    || 27-Feb-2014

    The rate of divorce after 50 (or "gray divorces") has remained high, meaning that more and more couples are now facing the numerous concerns that are unique to this type of divorce. While property division can be a complex and contentious issue in any divorce, these can become even weightier concerns in a late-life divorce. This is because of the proximity of retirement, how the results ...
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  • Five Mistakes That Could Ruin Your Divorce

    || 24-Feb-2014

    Divorce is a difficult process that upends your life, and it is very common for both parties to feel angry. Unfortunately, this anger can lead to some pretty devastating mistakes. It is only natural to be struggling with powerful emotions at this time, but they cannot guide a person's decisions, otherwise, the result could be a staggering price tag for the divorce, a disintegrating ...
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  • Long Island Divorce: Keeping Records of Maintenance Payments

    || 20-Feb-2014

    While maintenance may not be awarded as often as it used to be in New York, the fact remains that this court order will be included in many current divorce settlements. Ideally, a divorcing couple can agree to the terms of spousal support themselves, either through an uncontested divorce or through divorce mediation. But whatever method was used to arrive at court-ordered maintenance in your ...
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  • Same-Sex Divorce and the Benefits of Mediation

    || 17-Feb-2014

    Even though divorce mediation is often the recommended course for any divorcing couple, same-sex couples who want a divorce currently face special complications, complications that mediation may be able to smooth over. Admittedly, a contested divorce is sometimes unavoidable, but a litigated divorce can be a risky venture, and it will certainly be an expensive process. Instead of arranging the ...
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  • Six Tips for Filing Taxes After Filing for Divorce

    || 13-Feb-2014

    Every year, no matter what one's relationship status is, the complexities of tax season will roll around once again. If you are in the midst of a divorce right now, or if you split up in the last year, tax season just became that much more complicated. Here then are several tips to help you as you face taxes in this time of transition. 1) Get your filing status right. Was your divorce ...
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  • Three Things That Can Get You Through a Divorce

    || 10-Feb-2014

    If a divorce is in your near future, you know that you are looking at a stressful, painful process. And while that is unfailingly true, there are ways to come out of the process with the financial setup and emotional health that you need to create a brighter future. As you head into a divorce, here are three things to do that can help you get the divorce and post-divorce life you need and deserve. ...
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  • Is the Divorce Rate About to Rise?

    || 6-Feb-2014

    A new study indicates that as the economy improves, the divorce rate will increase, and that the two trends are related. The study suggests that more couples stayed together during the recession because they could not afford to split up. Now with healthier pocketbooks, couples feel they are now able to call it quits. The findings will be come out in paper in the journal the Population Research and ...
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  • Want to Keep the House in Your Divorce?

    || 3-Feb-2014

    There are a few main ways to deal with the family home in a divorce, which include co-owning the house for a time before figuring out your permanent setup, or selling the house, splitting the profits, and relocating/downsizing. Or you could negotiate a buyout from the get-go. Whether you want to buy out your spouse's share right away, or whether you want to end your co-owning arrangement after ...
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