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Blog Posts in April, 2014

  • The Fate of Student Loans in a Divorce

    || 30-Apr-2014

    You may share debts in a marriage, and then those debts get equitably divided in a divorce, so what does this mean for student loans in your divorce? Usually speaking, if educational debt preceded your marriage, this is your separate property, before, during, and after a marriage. So this means that even if your soon-to-be ex has been helping you with repaying your student debt, a divorce would ...
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  • Six Things You Can't Forget in Property Division

    || 28-Apr-2014

    As complex as property division is, it can be all too simple to forget a greatly important asset that could be split up, until it gets added to the divorce agreement as an afterthought. If you work with a skilled divorce lawyer, this shouldn't happen of course, but as you work with a legal professional to get the results that you want in a divorce, you first have to know what it is that you ...
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  • Financial Tips for a Spring Divorce

    || 24-Apr-2014

    If your spring cleaning this year is accompanied by thoughts of divorce, then you can take this time to get your finances in order, with a view to be prepared for a complex legal process. Of course, each situation is unique, so it is often best to consult with financial and legal experts to know how best to prepare in your case. In the meantime, here are some general tips that can help you face a ...
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  • What Will Happen to My Pet in the Divorce?

    || 22-Apr-2014

    According to the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, pet custody is an increasingly common battle front in divorce. It only makes sense, considering the roughly 50 percent divorce rate in the U.S., and the report that about 62 percent of U.S. families have a pet. And very often, those pets become part of the family. If you are thinking about getting a prenup, this could be a good place to ...
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  • What Your Kids Need to Hear from You During a Divorce

    || 16-Apr-2014

    Just as you may be struggling to make sense of your divorce, your children will be going through a turmoil of emotions, no matter how young or how old they are. There are many things you can do to help your child successfully adjust to the changes going on all around them. This includes conversations, where you can make sure your kids are confident of several things: This is in no way your fault. ...
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  • When it comes to splitting up retirement accounts, not all accounts are created equal. For one thing, different accounts come with different tax consequences; even if two accounts have the same amount in funds, tax penalties can quickly make things unequal. While any facet of property division can be a complex matter, dividing retirement accounts can be especially complicated. One thing about this ...
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  • Five Things to Never Do in a Divorce

    || 11-Apr-2014

    When it comes to advice on achieving a successful divorce, there is no substitute to getting personalized counsel from a divorce lawyer. For one thing, not every situation is going to be the same, your reasons for the divorce, the level of civility you can maintain with your soon-to-be ex, etc., these will all vary. But across the board, there are a number of things a divorcing couple should never ...
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  • Child Support & Custody for Divorcing Parents of a Child with Autism

    || 9-Apr-2014

    April is Autism Awareness Month, and it's time to clear up an awful myth. You may have seen the ugly claim flashed around the internet that there is an 80 percent divorce rate for parents of children who have autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The good news is that this is an unfounded claim. A number of studies have even indicated otherwise. The biggest of these studies can be found in the 2012 ...
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  • Father Ordered by Court to Help Pay Child's College Tuition

    || 7-Apr-2014

    In a recent case Long island Divorce Attorney Natasha Meyers was able to help her client make a very important modification to her child support order—a change that forced her ex-husband to share in the responsibility of paying for their daughter's college education. In the case, the Family Court of the State of New York in Suffolk County ordered the ex-husband of Attorney Meyers' ...
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  • What You Can Do If You're Divorcing a Narcissist

    || 2-Apr-2014

    Plenty of divorcing couples will find themselves breaking up from an increasing selfish spouse, or start realizing unfavorable changes in their own behavior, but narcissism is something more. There are several distinct characteristics associated with narcissism, according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) published by the American Psychiatric Association. These ...
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