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Blog Posts in September, 2013

  • Divorce and Your Child's Financial Aid in College

    || 30-Sep-2013

    It is already difficult enough filling out forms for financial aid. Unfortunately, financial aid in college is one of the things that a divorce could make even trickier. If you are getting a divorce, it may be vital to understand what special rules will apply when your child submits forms for federal financial aid in college. First of all, the application will be affected by where the child ...
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  • Five Reasons Why You Need to Hire a Divorce Attorney

    || 27-Sep-2013

    With the high price tag that a modern divorce presents, you may be looking at do-it-yourself options when it comes to your breakup. While in some cases this can save you money in the short-term, here are several reasons why hiring legal expertise is worth the investment: The first reason to work with a divorce lawyer is that you want to be equipped with sound legal knowledge and advice. This can ...
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  • As the Economy Recovers, Divorce Rate Grows

    || 25-Sep-2013

    The Los Angeles Times reports that a boost to the economy and housing market has led…to more divorces. It is likely that what kept more people from divorcing was the fact that their house was worth much less, and/or at least one spouse did not have a job. If couples went through a divorce in such lousy financial circumstances, it would have been a severe blow to each party. Survival meant ...
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  • Midlife Divorce on the Rise

    || 24-Sep-2013

    So-called "gray divorcees" now outnumber their widowed counterparts in the United States, says the New York Times. About fifty years ago, divorcing after fifty was a rare occurrence. About 2.8 percent of Americans who were older than 50 had been divorced. In 2000, the divorce rate for this age group was up to 11.8 percent. Eleven years later, the Census Bureau American Community Survey ...
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  • What Is the Top Reason for Divorce?

    || 23-Sep-2013

    According to a recent U.K. study by the Co-operative Legal Services, it is no longer infidelity. Unreasonable behavior is now the most listed reason for a divorce, reports The Guardian. This conclusion is based from divorce data since the 70s, which related information from more than 5 million divorces in the U.K. Back in the seventies, 29 percent of divorces were the result of adultery, while ...
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  • How Much Will I End up Paying for Child Support?

    || 20-Sep-2013

    The short answer is that support payments will be a percentage of the parents' combined income, and this percentage is derived from the number of children the parents have together. This calculation applies to parents who have a combined income of under $136,000, but this number will change in 2014. For now, what this means is that child support will equal: 17 percent of the parents' ...
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  • Is There a Higher Risk of Depression After Divorce?

    || 19-Sep-2013

    A new study suggests that divorce does not heighten the risk of depression, across the board anyway. Some people are more prone to depression after a divorce than others. As it turns out, there is a heightened risk for post-divorce depression in people who were already at risk for it. This is from a study that was published in the journal Clinical Psychological Science, and it was based off of ...
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  • When it comes to a divorce settlement, there is often way more involved in a division of assets than just a house and banking accounts. And not only is your financial future being determined, but so too are the futures of your children. Before wading into this complex process, it would vital to have some legal as well as financial help. So here are five more financial tips for individuals facing a ...
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  • Property Division: Five Finance Tips for the Soon-to-Be Divorced

    || 17-Sep-2013

    With your future up in the air, one of the many things you will need to protect is your financial future. While an excellent divorce attorney can help you protect your future stability in this area, the success of your divorce settlement also rests on you. So here are five tips to help you navigate the pitfalls that a divorce can include when it comes to property division. In order to ensure the ...
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  • Divorce Survey: Expenses Are the Top Fear in a Divorce

    || 16-Sep-2013

    In a recent divorce study, the legal website Avvo.com found that the cost of a divorce was a weighty concern for most couples who faced a divorce. In fact, 58 percent of those surveyed said that their top fear was how much getting the divorce was going to cost them. This was for couples who have no children. This topped fears about property division, the time involved, and alimony. As for people ...
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  • Three Typical Financial Fears Faced in Divorce: How to Address Them

    || 12-Sep-2013

    Whether or not a couple has a high net worth, it can feel like there is a great deal of insecurity in their financial futures when a divorce is imminent. This is especially true for the spouse who might be called the "out spouse" because he or she has not had a hand in budgeting or accounting for the family. Whereas the "in spouse" will understand the ins and outs of the ...
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  • No matter how difficult the case, we have been able to provide sterling representation to protect our clients' rights. This includes cases that involve child custody. One of the most vital things in a divorce is to secure the best future for your child. At the Meyers Law Group, P.C., we understand that. We also understand that fathers have the exact same rights to child custody, and happily, ...
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  • Protecting Your Credit Score from Your Ex-Spouse

    || 10-Sep-2013

    If your soon-to-be former spouse is frequently tardy on payments and has fallen into a lot of debt, then all this on your record could hurt you years after a divorce, unless you take the right steps. For example, you might want to cancel credit cards that are under both your names. You can protect yourself in this manner from the consequences of your ex misusing a credit card. If you have not done ...
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  • Owning a Business Together After Divorce

    || 6-Sep-2013

    If a couple operates a business together, this can make for special complexities when it comes to a divorce. This tricky situation is becoming an increasingly common one too, as back in 2007, the U.S. Census Bureau approximated that married couples owned 3.7 million business across the nation. With the divorce rate as it is, many couples are going to be faced with the difficult decisions about ...
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  • Mobile Multitasking: How This Affects Children After a Divorce

    || 5-Sep-2013

    While smartphones and laptops open whole new avenues of communication, research shows that this may not provide kids the communication that they need. This summer, researchers at the University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign found that after a divorce, children three to five years old are more prone to create relationships that are fragile. Research from Arizona State University has also found that ...
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  • Divorce and Mental Illness

    || 4-Sep-2013

    In 2011, a study looked at 18 different mental conditions and how this affected divorce rates in different countries. Across the board, it was found that mental disorders caused the divorce rate to spike 20 to 80 percent. The leading cause of these types of divorces were addiction, severe depression, and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Other studies have found that antisocial personality ...
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  • Midlife Marriage and Prenups

    || 3-Sep-2013

    As unromantic as it can sound to any couple who is looking to get married, there are a number of reasons why you may want to look at getting a prenuptial agreement. Regardless of whether or not you have been married before, and no matter how low or high your net worth is, chances are, you may need a prenup, especially if you are in your fifties or sixties. If you decide against getting a ...
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  • Some Federal Departments Recognize Same-Sex Marriage

    || 2-Sep-2013

    Regardless of where same-sex couples now live, if they were legally married in a state or country that recognizes gay marriage, then the IRS will also recognize these marriages, announced the Treasury Department on Thursday, August 26. When the Supreme Court overturned the Defense of Marriage Act, all manner of federal benefits became available to same-sex couples —in theory. It has often ...
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