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Blog Posts in October, 2013

  • Making It Possible to Communicate with Your Ex (and Co-Parent)

    || 31-Oct-2013

    So you hear all this advice about needing to communicate with your co-parent in as positive a way as possible, but how on earth is that supposed to happen, and what would that even look like? That advice might sound great, but as always, this is a task that is easier said than done. It is a good ideal to strive for, however, because chances are that you will still have to maintain contact with ...
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  • New Trends in Prenuptial Agreements

    || 30-Oct-2013

    If you have been recently searching the web for answers about prenups, then you may already be aware that these agreements are not just for the fabulously rich. This has only been confirmed by recent studies. According to the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML), 63 percent of divorce lawyers noticed a rise in the prenuptial agreements that have been requested in the past three years. ...
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  • Four Things for Co-Parents to Know

    || 29-Oct-2013

    If you are in the midst of a divorce, you may be looking at a life of co-parenting. You may in fact already have temporary custody orders in place that are giving you an idea of this new role of co-parent, and the worthwhile difficulty it represents. While both of you may be committed to doing what is best for your children, there is a reason that you wanted the divorce, issues that will ...
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  • What Some Divorcees Have Unexpectedly Learned

    || 28-Oct-2013

    Many people are surprised when they are served divorce papers, but many still feel that life will go back mostly to normal, to even better once everything is finalized. Unfortunately, it is not quite that simple. While knowing some things ahead of time may not change the fact that a divorce is necessary, it may help you to have realistic expectations about the outcome of a divorce. Here are some ...
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  • Co-Parenting and the Impending Holidays

    || 25-Oct-2013

    Thanksgiving may be a month away, but right now is the time to start considering your family's plans for the holidays all the way to New Year's. Whether you are in the midst of a divorce, or you have finished your divorce, you may be faced with the awkwardness and difficulty of coming up with an arrangement that works for your whole family. Procrastination on holiday arrangements will not ...
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  • Can You Catch a Divorce from Your Relative or Friend?

    || 24-Oct-2013

    The Pew Research Center has highlighted a new publication that shows that the risk of divorce might spike up when a friend or relative divorces first. Researchers looked at marriages, divorces, and remarriages over a span of thirty years (going from 1971 to 2001). For the couples in the study, there was a 75 percent increased risk of divorce after a friend divorced. Researchers even discovered ...
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  • Some Ways to Make Co-Parenting Work

    || 23-Oct-2013

    Obviously, you filed for divorce for a reason. And that reason may be leading to hostilities every time you come into contact with one another. When you have children who are being transferred back and forth between two warring parties, they may be the ones who suffer the most. For the sake of your children then, it is imperative that you know how to handle conflict so you can work with the other ...
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  • Top Five Divorce Mistakes

    || 22-Oct-2013

    While these errors may not be the most typical mistakes you will see in a divorce, these mistakes can create the costliest impact as far as your family's future is concerned. If you take the right steps, however, you can still preserve the relationships that are important in your life, as well as safeguard your family's financial future. Here then are some things you need to avoid when you ...
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  • Secret Spending and the Risk of Divorce

    || 21-Oct-2013

    One recent study has called out secret credit card purchases as something that could end marriages. Moneysupermarket.com has released an article stating that one out of every ten people confessed that they used a secret credit card, and that this factored into their divorce or separation. This British website surveyed one thousand men and women, and it was discovered that 36 percent of those who ...
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  • Avoid the Pitfalls of Joint Debt

    || 18-Oct-2013

    As much as divorcing couples may want a clean split, when you have entangled finances, it may be hard to entirely part ways. The other spouse's financial history could still affect your current financial status. After all, you likely have joint bank accounts and joint credit cards. This probably means you have joint debt too. Does this describe your situation? Then here are five steps from ...
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  • Adult Children and Divorce After 50

    || 17-Oct-2013

    Whether you call it "gray divorce" or a "silver split", this permeating trend of getting divorced after 50 adds new complexities to the divorce process. When a younger couple divorces and they have children, then this presents great concerns and difficulties in sorting out a custody arrangement. When older couples with adult children divorce, these children can heighten the ...
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  • Tips for the Child Custody Evaluation

    || 16-Oct-2013

    While a divorce trial may be worth eluding, especially a child custody battle, sometimes neither of these can be avoided. If you find yourself in a child custody evaluation, then whatever the evaluator recommends to a judge is likely to appear in the final court order. Understandably, you may have concerns about your interviews with the evaluator, and you want to do anything possible to show ...
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  • Guiding Your Children Through a Divorce

    || 15-Oct-2013

    While divorce is a complicated and emotionally draining route for individuals to take, if a couple has children, then the split becomes that much more difficult. It is no longer just trying to get yourself through the process; you have to help your kids through to the other side unscarred. As daunting as this could sound, it is possible, and parents have been accomplishing this for years. Here are ...
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  • Health Care and Divorce After 50

    || 14-Oct-2013

    While some individuals will retain the same coverage after a divorce because of their job, some couples opt for a legal separation solely on the basis that both spouses need to keep health insurance. While there is no getting around the fact that a divorce can be complicated, you can remove the concern of health insurance in this process. If you are facing a divorce later in life, then here is an ...
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  • Eight Reasons to Not Delay Divorce (or Separation)

    || 11-Oct-2013

    If you and your spouse are living separately, but are still married and without a legal separation agreement, this can spell trouble in the future. If this unofficial separation goes on for more than a year, but neither of you are moving toward a divorce or a reconciliation, then you should understand what this delay could mean down the road. 1) A prolonged and unofficial separation means that you ...
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  • How NOT to Choose a Divorce Lawyer

    || 10-Oct-2013

    While you are in the throes of an impending divorce, your future in upheaval, one of the things you cannot afford to do is make a mistake in your choice of divorce attorney. If you make the wrong decision on your legal representation, then you could be saddled with serious errors that will take further court hearings, and money, to undo. Perhaps you are thinking about a do-it-yourself divorce ...
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  • Understanding Child Custody Evaluations

    || 9-Oct-2013

    It is very possible that spouses can agree on a child custody arrangement for themselves, and perhaps they can reach this agreement through mediation. There are other times, however, when the case has to go to court in order for a judge to determine how custody will be awarded. A judge will likely prompt a child custody evaluation, though couples can ask for one too. The evaluation is written by ...
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  • Getting an Annulment in Long Island

    || 8-Oct-2013

    Looking into getting an annulment? This is an alternative to divorce in dissolving a marriage, but it additionally means that a marriage is considered to be invalid or to have never occurred. For some, annulments represent a way to end a marriage without violating religious beliefs. There are also civil annulments, which will be addressed in this post. To get this type of annulment, one must be ...
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  • The Latest Statistics: Is It Now the 11-Year-Itch?

    || 7-Oct-2013

    We have all heard about the "seven year itch", the thought that partners in a relationship start to see their passion fade and their attention stray after reaching the seven-year-mark. Back in 1955, this term was the title of a Marilyn Monroe movie, and promoters said that seven years was the time that the typical divorce occurred. Today, people often feel that it takes even less time ...
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  • The House and Your Divorce

    || 4-Oct-2013

    Property division is a huge concern for couples going through divorce. Almost no other asset fuels as much concern as does the family home. This property can represent a storehouse of memories, a great deal of investment and cost, and a lot of sentimental value. When you are faced with decisions about keeping the family home or not, you need to know the options you have available to you. First of ...
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  • Financial Tips for Midlife Divorce

    || 3-Oct-2013

    As the number of couples divorcing in their fifties or later increases, there are financial concerns specific to these splits, concerns that more and more couples need to be aware of. While child custody may weigh on the minds of younger couples, retirement is one pressing problem in so-called "gray divorces". In order to protect your financial future, here are some tips for a divorce ...
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  • Do I Still Have to Pay Child Support if I Can't Afford It?

    || 2-Oct-2013

    The thing is, there is still a way to have an income even if you do not have a salary. This could look like receiving payouts from workers' compensation, pensions, stipends, or annuities, etc. A New York court will also count benefits, such as disability, unemployment, and social security benefits, as income when it comes to child support. If you receive public assistance, however, then the ...
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  • Mediation vs. Litigation

    || 1-Oct-2013

    How realistic is it to hope that a divorce can be settled amicably? It certainly depends on a lot of factors, but it can be achieved. It is also worth striving for, for both your sakes, and for the sake of your child's emotional health. Conflict is inevitable, but there are a number of ways that this and your divorce can be handled successfully. While this may mean you need to pursue ...
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