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Blog Posts in November, 2013

  • Sometimes, there comes a point where parents no long wonder if their kid will need therapy or not, they only wonder how to tell them so. Divorce might be one of those times, and time also when parents are especially worried about how their child might take this additional bit of news. That being said, adults often find it harder to accept therapy than kids do, and you can make it even easier for ...
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  • Divorce and Your Holiday Season

    || 28-Nov-2013

    Some people already view the holidays as a good time with family and friends—and also as stressful preparation. When you and your family are facing the uncharted territory of a holiday after a divorce, the stress factor can easily become magnified. As you and your family figure out how to divide the holidays and yet cling to cherished celebrations, here are some more tips on how you can ...
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  • Preventing Co-Parenting Conflicts

    || 27-Nov-2013

    Having to maintain some regular contact with your ex can be hard enough, especially when it is over big decisions that you have to make for your kids. All the same, at whatever time a conflict starts brewing, you can minimize or even prevent it. Here are some important things to keep in mind that may help you keep co-parenting conflicts from flaring up: The first thing is to remember that your ...
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  • Drinking Habits and the Divorce Rate

    || 26-Nov-2013

    Researchers have found a correlation between drinking habits and the chances of divorce, based on a study conducted by the University of Buffalo Research Institute on Addictions and the Department of Community Health and Health Behavior at that school. More than 600 couples were studied during their first nine years of marriage. The results: couples with one partner who drank heavily have a ...
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  • Positive Steps for Moving on After Infidelity

    || 22-Nov-2013

    While divorce can sometimes be a mutually arrived at choice after a couple slowly falls apart, some relationships are dashed by a partner's infidelity. While trying to keep a marriage is a worthy goal, sometimes it is not possible after trust has been ruined. Only the innocent person can say whether or not their trust can be regained. For those who realize that they need to move on from an ...
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  • Celebrating the Holidays After Divorce

    || 21-Nov-2013

    As Thanksgiving approaches, to be rapidly followed by Chanukah, Christmas, and the New Year, you may be apprehensive about all the details that need to be worked out, whether you are in the throes of a divorce or have finalized your divorce. It is important to remember, however, that even though traditions will inescapably be tweaked or replaced, you and your family can still enjoy the holiday ...
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  • Getting Ready for the Divorce Settlement

    || 20-Nov-2013

    As a rule negotiating your divorce is better than pursuing divorce litigation. And thankfully, most divorces do end in a settlement instead of in a trial. But getting a settlement only works if both you and your spouse approach it in the right matter. As you two and your respective attorneys hold a meeting to work out the details of your divorce, here are some tips to help you peacefully resolve ...
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  • Do Children Need Therapy During a Divorce?

    || 19-Nov-2013

    Divorce can be extremely difficult to cope with as a mature adult. It can be all the more stressful for your children to deal with. But that does not always mean that they will need therapy. Sure, you may have a young child who is sometimes weepy, or your teenager may be channeling more anger towards you, but this is not automatically an unhealthy sign. Their feelings are normal, and if they are ...
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  • Several Experts Who Might Be Able to Help You in Your Divorce

    || 18-Nov-2013

    As complicated as a divorce is, you obviously need a legal expert on your side to help you navigate all the difficulties and to help you come out successfully on the other side. But sometimes, you will need further assistance in this crucial and trying process. Here are some other professionals you may need in your corner for a divorce. 1) Sometimes, you and/or your children will need a ...
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  • The number of grandparents caring for their grandkids is increasing, which parallels the growing number of single parents, says research dedicated to tracking social trends in the U.S. This research was funded by Brown University and the Russell Sage Foundation. The Pew Research Center came up with similar findings; their 2011 study found that 7.7 million children in the United States (that is ten ...
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  • Tips for Single Parents Moving Out of the Family House

    || 14-Nov-2013

    If you getting a separation or a divorce, and you are setting out to find a new place to live, then you may be feeling overwhelmed with not only leaving what was your home, but with needing to find a new home for you and your children. As daunting a task as it may be, here are some ways to make it easier on you so that you and your family can make as smooth a transition as possible. First of all, ...
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  • Top Prenup Mistakes, Pt. II

    || 13-Nov-2013

    One small legal error is all it takes to ruin your best laid plans. As more and more couples agree to the idea of a prenup, some of them are committing common errors that will undermine the whole document, potentially resulting in a great loss of time and property. With the help of an experienced family law attorney, you can make sure you avoid these common pitfalls: 5) If you include things that ...
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  • Top Prenup Mistakes, Pt. I

    || 12-Nov-2013

    As hard as it could be for some couples to agree on getting a prenup, it will be all the more difficult down the road to find that your prenuptial agreement was never valid in the first place. When Steven Spielberg divorced Amy Irving, their prenup was on a napkin, so obviously, neither of them had a lawyer when they wrote it up either. This prenuptial agreement was invalidated, and this meant ...
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  • What to Do with the Rings, Wedding Dress, Marriage License, and More

    || 11-Nov-2013

    If you have children, this decision could be that much harder. Whether you do have children or not, you have items that are tied up with many good memories, but that might only inflict pain when you look at them. Is there a good way to keep these mementos, or should you get rid of them? Here are some of the options you could have when it comes to deciding what happens to your wedding keepsakes. As ...
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  • Five Ways to Save Money in Your Divorce

    || 8-Nov-2013

    In a divorce, not only is there emotional and relational stress, but there is also a considerable amount of financial worry as well. At least the financial losses you could face are quantifiable and predictable though. This means that you may only have to take simple steps to protect yourself from this avoidable pitfall of a divorce. First of all, you have to make the right choice when it comes to ...
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  • Joint Custody and an Infant's Attachment to Both Parents

    || 7-Nov-2013

    One new study suggests that infants who spend at least one overnight apart from their mothers develop weaker attachments to their mothers than do infants who only spend time with their father in the daytime, or infants who spend fewer nights away from their homes. This study was conducted by University of Virginia researchers, who examined a study of 5,000 infants born between 1998 and 2000, and ...
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  • How to Handle Unhelpful Divorce Advice

    || 6-Nov-2013

    You will want the help of legal and financial experts, and you will want to do research about divorce for yourself. But still, the advice of your family and friends will come unasked for. Despite their best intentions, friends and family can give you "advice" that is plain lousy, or even insulting. So what do you do when their unsolicited advice starts pouring in? Maybe some of these ...
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  • How Kids Can Benefit from Divorce

    || 5-Nov-2013

    Doubtless you have heard of the risks for children of divorce to develop behavioral and health problems, and statistically speaking, this is a possible outcome of divorce. But it is high time to recognize the upsides of divorce too. Of course divorce is difficult and painful, but for some children, it can bring substantial benefits in the end. Here are five of them. For one thing, getting out of a ...
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  • Why You Cannot Afford to Slow Down a Divorce

    || 4-Nov-2013

    Not only will every hour, and every day that you prolong the divorce process mean that much more of your money is going down the drain, but there are perhaps more serious costs that you can incur for every moment you drag out a divorce. The longer you wait, the more you and your former spouse can feel the lasting harm in more than just your wallets. The first reason for this is that you and your ...
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  • When Divorce Lawyers Get Divorced

    || 1-Nov-2013

    While you might have thought that divorce lawyers are eager and ready to use their prowess in court to fight out their own divorces, the opposite is true. Despite popular perception of divorces, the lawyers behind the process know from experience that a trial is not a place you want to take a divorce. Why is this? There is little victory that can come in a court battle. With negotiation off the ...
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