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Blog Posts in March, 2013

  • Annulment vs. Divorce

    || 29-Mar-2013

    Perhaps you and your spouse were married just recently, you thought it was true love and you couldn't imagine spending your life without them. Unfortunately, things don't always end up happily ever after and you may learn to discover that you do not want the marriage to work out by any means necessary. It may be so bad that you wish the marriage never happened at all, and you are ...
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  • Protecting Your Credit During Marriage

    || 28-Mar-2013

    When you marry the love of your life, there is so much more to consider than just living happily ever after. A marriage is a union of both souls and physical life: and this includes your credit history and debt. Depending on your financial state, it may be either beneficial or unwise to join your accounts during your marriage because if you have good credit, and yet your new partner has a poor ...
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  • Divorce vs. No Divorce: Which is Better When Navigating a Breakup

    || 20-Mar-2013

    When you find the right person, it is very easy to fall quickly in love. You meet this wonderful person, and immediately you realize that life without them would be impossible; there is nothing stopping you from pursuing a serious relationship. For some people this means quickly putting a ring on their finger and walking down the aisle, for others it means moving in together and practicing what ...
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  • Baby Boomer Divorces and the Effects on Retirement Plans

    || 19-Mar-2013

    The baby boomer generation is known today as being a group of high divorce rate couples. Many of these spouses are choosing for one reason or another to end their marriage and pursue life alone, even at an older age. According to statistics people over 50 years of age who divorce have doubled over the past 2 decades, and in 2010, one in every four divorces were for those in this age bracket. The ...
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