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Blog Posts in June, 2013

  • Do We Want a Prenup?

    || 27-Jun-2013

    Getting engaged is an exciting time for two people, as it means that they will soon be tying the knot and moving forward to join their lives together indefinitely…right? What if the marriage doesn’t work out? What if one often spouses cheats on the other? What if after two decades you simply fall out of love? If you are at all concerned about the possibility of a divorce in the ...
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  • DOMA Ruled Unconstitutional by U.S. Supreme Court

    || 26-Jun-2013

    After years of seeking change in the state of California, gay right activists are finally on their way as the U.S. Supreme Court has officially stuck down the federal law from 1996 which have been banning the rights for same-sex couples to be married. The Defense of Marriage Act which banned same-sex marriage has now been removed, therefore allowing anyone who desires to marry do so, no matter the ...
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  • The Violence Against Woman Act

    || 25-Jun-2013

    The Violence Against Woman Act (VAWA) was established in 1994 as a means of offering protection to woman who were victims of domestic violence in their homes and relationships. This act then established a national hotline for this very cause and offers varying types of protection to woman who fall vicitim to this dangerous abuse. In some cases, they will go as far as equipping the vicitim with ...
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  • After Divorce: Is Getting a Mortgage Impossible?

    || 21-Jun-2013

    If you have owned a home in the past, you are well aware that getting a mortgage is no easy feat. However, you may be concerned that later on after your divorce the process of doing so will become that much more difficult. While it may not be easy, it is entirely possible for those who have gone through a divorce to be approved for a mortgage, even if your separation was not a simple one. If you ...
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  • Obama Wants to Reform Child Support Laws for Fathers

    || 20-Jun-2013

    During a heartfelt Father's Day speech by President Obama, he addressed one very crucial topic in the realm of child custody and support laws here in our country. He shared that reform needs to be made for those fathers to begin working and be more actively involved in the lives of their children. Right now, though divorce is changing over time in regards to matters of custody and support, it ...
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  • Is Your Spouse Acting Like a Bully During Divorce with Your Finances?

    || 19-Jun-2013

    Whether you are a multi-billion dollar family, or you are just an average Joe kind of couple, going through a divorce can require a lot of preparation and decision making; particularly in regards to your money. You don't have to be the world's richest family in order to be overwhelmed and confused with the matters of your divorce, what you need is a skilled divorce lawyer in Long Island ...
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  • Learning from Others: A Small Business Surviving the Divorce

    || 17-Jun-2013

    While a divorce is a very difficult season for most, there are some couples who amicably agree that they will be better separate as opposed to being together. This was the case for a married couple who shared such a love for dancing that they opened their own salsa studio as a married couple. Being able to work side by side one another while doing what they love as their profession was a career of ...
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  • Working Moms & Child Custody

    || 14-Jun-2013

    The times are changing in our society, and more and more moms are joining the workforce as opposed to staying at home to raise and care for their children. The U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics now reports that about 70.5% of all mothers are now in some way apart of the working community here in the states. Out of that number of woman there are least 30% of them who are earning more than their ...
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  • Can Facebook Cause Relationship Problems?

    || 13-Jun-2013

    Anyone can tell you from experience that dealing with the issue of jealousy in a relationship is probably one of the worst poisons that can kill your trust for the other person. Whether it is being jealous of a past relationship they had or a current "friend" who is in their life today, if you are dealing with jealousy it is safe to say that it will eventually lead to conflict; if it ...
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  • Should I Keep My Home in Divorce? Questions to Ask Yourself

    || 12-Jun-2013

    If you are going through a divorce, one of the biggest properties that are likely a part of your family is your home. And while your first instinct may be to fight for the home, there are a few questions you will want to ask yourself before you make this decision. Men and woman (though primarily woman in many cases) hold a tight connection to the home, because it is the hub of their social life. ...
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  • Divorce and Child Depression

    || 11-Jun-2013

    As parents, our family (specifically the children) are the most important things in our life. We care whether or not our kids are happy, whether they are doing well in school, how they are playing with their friends, etc. While we hope that our families can stay together and live happily ever after, this is not always the case. Sadly, life happens and for many couples this means the end of their ...
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  • Moving Out of Your Marital Home during the Divorce

    || 10-Jun-2013

    With so much hype on the everyday life details of the celebrity culture, people often get a false sense of security with the information they learn from the tabloids about details like divorce. While they may not be spreading wrong details (though in many cases they do in order to write a good story) they also do not include the whole truth, and when it comes to a divorce in the state of New York, ...
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  • Common Marriage Factors that May Lead to Divorce

    || 7-Jun-2013

    Perhaps you and your spouse are having problems, according to a post on Huffington Post, here are a few helpful tips for woman to consider with their husbands in with hopes of saving their marriages. Please note, these are merely tips and suggestions and are in no way proven as being the only way to help a marriage. As most woman can attest to, we like to talk (or gossip) about our problems. ...
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  • Divorce: What if One Spouse Does Not Want to Split?

    || 6-Jun-2013

    In our world, many more marriages are ending in divorce than they used to half a century ago. Why is this? Suggestions as to what the causes may be vary based on every couple thought they may be anywhere from finances to violence, to falling out of love, or adultery and everything in between. For many spouses, they come to an agreement that divorce is the best for them, however, there are still a ...
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  • Online Dating, Marriage and Divorce

    || 5-Jun-2013

    Now a days, we use the internet for everything. Whether it is to do our grocery shopping, to by the latest gadget or new clothes, or to find the best restaurant in town, our lives revolve around the world wide web. Not only do we rely on the internet for the various needs of our daily life, or for entertainment and news feed, but more and more people are turning to the internet for help in one of ...
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  • Proving Paternity and the Legal Significance

    || 4-Jun-2013

    When a married couple gives birth to a child, the paternity is legally assumed to be that of the husband. What is interesting about the topic of paternity, however, is due to the fact that just because a man's name is listed as the father of the child on their birth certificate, does not necessarily mean that they are the blood related birth father. A father is not legally required to sign the ...
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  • Domestic Violence: Stalking

    || 3-Jun-2013

    Domestic violence is not just confined to a husband who is abusing his wife at home and hitting her or locking her up; though it is one of the tragic possibilities of a violent spouse (and can be done by both males and females). One aspect of domestic violence is also when you find that you are being stalked by an unwanted person such as a friend, coworker, spouse or stranger. In some cases, you ...
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