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Blog Posts in July, 2013

  • Love and Marriage: Getting Your Financial Agreements in Writing

    || 31-Jul-2013

    Though getting a prenuptial agreement may not be the most romantic thing to do after you and your significant other get engaged, for those individuals who have a fair amount of money prior to their union, you may want to consider doing just that. While we obviously don’t marry with the intent of breaking up in the future, with the divorce rate at nearly 50 percent, the likelihood of you and ...
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  • How Lawyers Help You During Divorce Mediation

    || 30-Jul-2013

    Where litigation in a divorce often means much arguing and pointing of the fingers in court, the goal of mediation is intended to help divorcing couples talk through their differences in order to reach a more fair and reasonable agreement. Though the role of a lawyer during a mediation process will look a little differently, it is no less essential that you have their guidance in the process. ...
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  • Could Joint Custody Explain a Child's Bond to Their Parent?

    || 29-Jul-2013

    While many studies share varying opinions regarding divorce and the effect it has on children, one opinion is that divorce and parents having joint custody, may explain why children have a harder time attaching to their parents. The University of Virginia claims that when an infant spends a night apart from their birth mothers every week, due to the joint custody arrangement, they form a less ...
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  • Paving the Way for a Smoother Divorce

    || 25-Jul-2013

    In life, we can all agree that things run much more effectively when there is less conflict. The same goes during the process of a divorce, the more you and your spouse are able to work out an agreement, the greater the likelihood of you having a smoother process on your road to being officially divorced. It is important to realize that while a divorce can be more effectively run, it doesn't ...
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  • Making a 'Happy Divorce' Possible

    || 24-Jul-2013

    Separating from your spouse can be a very difficult thing to go through, however it is possible to have a relatively “happy” divorce despite the circumstances you are in. In fact, the majority of people going through divorce claim to be unhappy; either because they are overwhelmed, depressed, sad, stressed or burdened with financial struggles. Whatever the circumstances that you are ...
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  • Putting Off Divorces Despite the Unhappy Marriage

    || 22-Jul-2013

    In our society, we often make our decisions based upon how we feel at the time. For example, if we want a Starbucks coffee, we will get up and go order our latte without any hesitation. Even in relationships, if we come to the place where we feel we are no longer loved or treated as we think we deserve we will call it quits and pursue that happiness elsewhere. Why then, are some couples remaining ...
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  • Child Custody for the Un-Married Parents

    || 19-Jul-2013

    Let’s say for example that you and your significant other were in a serious relationship and though you had been sleeping with each other for a while now, you have always been keen on using protection. However, despite your efforts to prevent a pregnancy, you learn that you two were going to have baby. The baby is born and the years go by. First its diapers, then softball and art classes, ...
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  • What to Do When Needing to Modify Child Custody Payments

    || 18-Jul-2013

    If you and your spouse have split and you are currently dealing with the pressures of your child custody and support payments, it comes to no surprise that some months may be harder than others. Perhaps you have come to the conclusion that making the necessary child support payments is downright impossible with your current income and decreased work hours. If you are feeling the weight of being ...
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  • The Duties and Privileges of an Emancipated Minor

    || 17-Jul-2013

    Child emancipation is where a child deems that they no longer want to be held under the authority and decision making of their parents. In many cases this is seen with child celebrities who feel as though their careers are being held back due to their over possessive parents. However, celebrities aren't the only ones who may feel they want this freedom, child emancipation can happen in any ...
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  • Tips for Managing Your Marital Property

    || 16-Jul-2013

    Getting married is a huge life decision to make, and it is one that can affect you personally for many years to come. Naturally, the idea of sharing a life together with the one you love is a blissful thought, especially because in the midst of planning for your wedding you are very rarely thinking about the ramifications your decision to wed can have down the road, especially with your finances ...
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  • Divorce and Bankruptcy: Which One Should I File First?

    || 15-Jul-2013

    While some divorces may be a mutual, even peaceful, agreements; there are others that can be much more contested, therefore creating a sticky situation in the areas of finances. For the purpose of an example, let’s talk about Sally and John who have figuratively been married for fifteen years and are nearing divorce. Sally is the one responsible for the mortgage payments on their home, and ...
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  • Uncontested Divorce vs. Contested Divorce

    || 11-Jul-2013

    In the event of a divorce, there are going to be two possible categories that you and your spouse will fall under, either a contested divorce or an uncontested divorce. A contested divorce is usually the more difficult to go through, though sadly this cannot be avoided for some couples. In the event that there is a lot of strife or tension, and the couple is either unwilling or unable to reach an ...
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  • Are Same-Sex Marriages Really Equal Yet?

    || 4-Jul-2013

    According to a recent article in the New York Times, the concern of whether or not same-sex couples hold the same rights in marriage as heterosexual couples do, even in light of the recent changes in the Supreme Court. The article discusses John and David are a married couple who have a three year old son named Miles, and the fact that though their marriage is considered legitimate in the eyes of ...
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  • The Woman’s Bar Association of the State of New York (WBASNY) salutes the United States Supreme Court for their recent decision to rule against DOMA and recognize the equality of marriage for all people in the country. Just last week the Supreme Court ruled that the Defense of Marriage Act, which was instated in 1996 in favor of marriage being classified as a union between only one man and ...
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