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Blog Posts in January, 2013

  • Dividing Your Investment Assets in the Divorce

    || 30-Jan-2013

    Let's be honest, going through a divorce can have some rather difficult steps that are necessary to go through. Just as money matters can cause tension in the marriage, they can also cause tension in the divorce as well; especially when it comes to dividing your assets and investments. For those of you dealing with investments, or any other form of money matters, it is encouraged to talk to a ...
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  • Preparing the Children for Your Divorce

    || 22-Jan-2013

    Filing for a divorce is a big step for any family; and while some couples can work through their problems and disagreements successfully, there are many that cannot. In the event that you and your spouse realize there is nothing you can do to keep you two together that is the time you contact a Long Island divorce attorney to discuss the many options available. Divorce is the ending of a marriage ...
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  • Grandparents Visitation Rights Vary By Case

    || 16-Jan-2013

    Since the visitation rights of grandparents are not protected under the Constitution, court decisions on this issue are by no means uniform. Rifts between parents and grandparents that stem from substance abuse, death, divorce and law breaking can greatly affect a grandchild's relationship with their grandparents. If both parents are in agreement that grandparents should not see their ...
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  • Restraining Order vs. Protective Order

    || 15-Jan-2013

    If you have been abused or threatened, you may be considering legal action against your offender. When pursuing charges, you could either get an order of protection or a restraining order, but how do you know which should you choose? Though both are designed to protect victims of abuse, the qualifications and conditions can be different for each. In order to qualify for an order of protection, the ...
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  • Prenuptial Agreements: Two Sides of the Story

    || 14-Jan-2013

    In the flurry of activity before a wedding, the last thing any couple wants to think about is a prenuptial agreement. Since it's a contract that deals with property rights and expectations during a potential divorce, the business arrangement might seem like an unromantic way to begin a marriage. While some believe a prenuptial agreement is completely necessary, others feel it can be dangerous ...
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  • Divorce and Mediation

    || 9-Jan-2013

    Just as every person is different, so is every marriage; and every divorce. When you put two unique people together, it is going to be hard; let alone together permanently in marriage. As they say, marriage is like a mirror; you have the chance to learn more about yourself and what annoys or frustrate you more than likely anywhere else. In marriage you have the opportunity to learn how to love ...
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  • Finding the Lesson in Your Divorce

    || 4-Jan-2013

    Going through a divorce is a painful season for many individuals, and while it may be impossible to imagine life going on, it is possible if you are able to find the lesson in the midst of the trial. Divorces happen for many different reasons, and despite the tears, the hardship and the pain, there may be a lesson to be learned from the experience. Being able to find that may help you to cope and ...
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  • Divorce and Social Security Benefits

    || 2-Jan-2013

    In the midst of a painful marital relationship, many times people are just trying to find out how they can get out of it as soon as possible rather than sitting down and thinking through the many ramifications the divorce will have on their life and their finances. After many years of marriage, one important factor to remember and consider is how the divorce will affect your social security ...
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  • Long Distance Child Custody

    || 1-Jan-2013

    The aftermath of a divorce can be complicating at times, particularly in the event that you and your ex have children. And while you would likely rather you never interacted with your ex again, if you have children that preference may not actually be an option for you and your ex-spouse because despite your many differences, you still share the kids and that means talking. Whether you and your ...
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