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Blog Posts in February, 2013

  • Understanding the Different Types of Child Custody

    || 20-Feb-2013

    A divorce can be difficult for any couple, and when there are children involved it can become that much harder. Having to discuss the different options of child custody can be overwhelming, because in some cases you and your spouse may not have the same goals in mind. When it comes to determining child custody, there are a few different categories that are important to understand before jumping ...
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  • Domestic Violence and Child Custody in New York

    || 6-Feb-2013

    An accusation of domestic violence or abuse can impact the decision of the court with regard to child custody. When one parent claims that the other abused the children either physically or emotionally, the situation can be very serious for the accused parent. In some cases, the claim of abuse is made in an effort to influence the final decision regarding custody and visitation, but is exaggerated ...
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