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Blog Posts in December, 2013

  • Telling Your Kids You're Going to Get a Divorce

    || 31-Dec-2013

    As difficult as it may have been to muster the words at the right time to tell your spouse that you wanted a divorce, you may face a more daunting task when it comes to breaking the news to your kids. How you go about this will depend on how old they are, but the bottom line is that your kids need to know that both their parents will love them forever and that you are still a family. They also ...
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  • What Are the Requirements for Getting a Divorce in New York?

    || 30-Dec-2013

    In order to file for divorce in New York, you have to meet a residency requirement, have a grounds for (reason for) the divorce, and get the right legal paperwork. As for the residency requirement, there are four different ways to fulfill this. One is that one of you has been living in New York for a minimum of two years straight. Or you could both become residents of New York by the day you file ...
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  • Imputing Income: When a Parent Tries to Get out of Child Support

    || 27-Dec-2013

    Under New York law, both parents have the duty to financially provide for their child until they are reach 21 years of age, or they are emancipated. How much a parent has to pay in support would be decided according to the Child Support Standards Act (CSSA), the guidelines for this support in New York. While that may seem straightforward, it only is when both parents cooperate. The sad reality is ...
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  • New York Divorce: Does Adultery Impact Alimony?

    || 26-Dec-2013

    The sad reality is that infidelity is the reason that many married couples break up. While it may lead to a divorce, how big of a role would this adultery play in the divorce process itself? A Long Island divorce attorney could better explain the specifics in your particular case, but here is how adultery could affect your divorce. For one thing, a no-fault divorce is still possible even in cases ...
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  • What You Can Do to Avoid the Health Risks of a Divorce

    || 25-Dec-2013

    By now, you have probably heard about the very unhealthful effects that a divorce can have. With a divorce rate of 40 percent, you may have seen or experienced them yourself. Statistics from Gallup show that divorcees in general fare much worse than married people do in areas of physical and emotional health. If you are about to be in the midst of a divorce, however, the health risks can start ...
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  • The Rising Trend of Amicable Divorces and Successful Co-Parenting

    || 24-Dec-2013

    In spite of the host of examples we have seen of acrimonious battles in divorce court, more and more couples are providing the example that remaining friends after a divorce is actually feasible. In USA Today, a former couple from New Jersey was highlighted. They had two adolescent sons, and even though the couple ended their marriage of nearly 17 years this 2013, the dad still came over to help ...
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  • To begin a divorce, one spouse gives the other spouse a divorce lawsuit. The initiating spouse is the plaintiff, while the other spouse is the defendant who needs to respond once the divorce papers are served. Before you plunge ahead with this paperwork, however, there are residency requirements that must be fulfilled. There are several ways this can happen: You two were married in New York, and ...
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  • Life After Divorce: Finding the New Balance Between Family and Work

    || 20-Dec-2013

    If you are facing a divorce, then it is important to plan as much for the future as you can. If your divorce has already finalized, then you may be faced with the need to go back and change that divorce settlement. In whatever situation you find yourself as a co-parent, you are likely facing the challenge of figuring out the new structure of your life. So here are some things to consider, tips ...
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  • Are You Asking the Right Questions About Your Divorce?

    || 19-Dec-2013

    People facing a divorce are already apprehensive about what the future could hold. This is no small part because of all the uncertainty swirling around this process, the myriad of unanswered questions you may have. So if you do not know the answers to the following questions, then you need to find an experienced divorce attorney in Long Island who can inform you about the process and what it means ...
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  • Seven Proactive Steps to Take in Your Divorce

    || 18-Dec-2013

    When you want as swift and amicable a divorce as possible, you can be proactive about it. Here are several steps to help you in that direction, saving you and your child needless pain and stress, and further saving you money in legal fees. The first step is to be take responsibility, to take ownership of whatever you have contributed toward getting a divorce. If you only blame others, then you are ...
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  • Behind the merriment of this holiday season lies a great deal of stress, often enough stress to push a weakened relationship over the edge. If you are one of the many people considering a divorce this holiday season, here are several things to consider before making any major decisions. First of all, you will have to work through your guilt. This can come on whenever someone considers getting a ...
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  • New Statistics on the Divorce Rate in the U.S.

    || 16-Dec-2013

    New research continues to pour in on divorce rates and the effects of a divorce. Some of the results are surprising, and some are rather obvious. What do you think of the following report? According to research conducted by the National Center for Marriage and Family Research (NCFMR) at Bowling Green State University, the divorce rate has increased among women. Their report, released this year, ...
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  • Should I Move Out During a Divorce?

    || 13-Dec-2013

    As stressful a situation as it may be for everyone to have two divorcing parents under the same roof, neither parent may want to leave. Not only does the marital home represent a huge chunk of a couple's property, but staying or leaving the residence can affect child custody too. There is also the enormous emotional value one can have for a home. So is it ever a good idea to leave the family ...
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  • The First Steps After You've Made the Decision to Separate

    || 12-Dec-2013

    After months of trying therapy or simply drifting apart, you may be coming to the decision that you and your spouse need to split up. If this conclusion seems inescapable after much thought, then a hard decision could be behind you, but many difficulties still lie ahead. Here are tips to help you navigate your way toward a separation or divorce: Preliminary Decisions First, you need to consult ...
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  • One Big Reason People Stay in Failing Marriages

    || 11-Dec-2013

    Being alone. Always. That is the fear that many people admitted being influenced by in a recent study released in The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. According to their research, one huge reason that adults decide to settle for and stay in a miserable relationship is that the alternative, being single, is too daunting. The research consisted of several studies investigating how the ...
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  • Holidays Pre-Divorce

    || 10-Dec-2013

    Many couples who already know that they are going to get a divorce are waiting for the holiday season to end first. There is a reason that January can be called "divorce month". The first few days of January see a lot of phone calls to divorce attorneys. It often makes sense for parents to wait for the holidays to draw to a close and their kids to go back to school, separating the pain ...
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  • Figuring Out What Life After Divorce Will Really Be Like

    || 9-Dec-2013

    No matter the reason for the divorce, many people assume that the divorce will solve their problems, help them regain pre-marriage peace, or propel them to a simpler, happier life. Granted, divorce can be the way to a stronger future, but it is a mistake to picture that it will be entirely rosy. This is not meant as a discouragement, but to help soon-to-be divorcees to have more realistic ...
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  • Why You Do Not Want an Aggressive Divorce Lawyer

    || 6-Dec-2013

    For some people, their first instinct is to find an aggressive divorce attorney who will bulldoze right over their ex. But at the Meyers Law Group, P.C., we understand that while a tenacious legal advocate is sometimes helpful, the average divorce requires more level-headed and compassionate legal representation. Not only will this amicable approach save you strain and legal expenses during the ...
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  • Social Security and Your Divorce

    || 5-Dec-2013

    Should you worry about missing your spouse's Social Security benefits after you divorce ? Usually speaking, no. If you are 62 years or older, if you were married for at least one decade, and if you are currently unmarried, then you may be able to use your ex's work record in order to get retirement benefits from Social Security. This is true if you further do not qualify for more in ...
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  • Tips on How to Succeed in a Divorce

    || 4-Dec-2013

    Now honestly, no one truly wins a divorce. The process is stressful and painful for everyone. But while a divorce is not about beating an ex, there is a different way to feel successful in a divorce, if you approach the process rightly. Of course, if you are in the midst of a divorce, or about to be, you could feel like you are in survival mode. Yet people often find a way to overcome the ...
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  • Ways to Help Your Kids Through a Divorce

    || 3-Dec-2013

    The biggest fear for a divorcing couple is the financial cost of a divorce—if they do not have children. But if a couple has children, then naturally, one of the top concerns will be how a divorce will affect them. This concern is sometimes enough for parents to delay a divorce. But if you have initiated the divorce process, the good news is that there are several steps that you can take to ...
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  • Survey Results on Communication Issues and Divorce

    || 2-Dec-2013

    This is probably no surprise, but communication can be the difference between divorcing or not. Successful communication can mean a successful marriage, and poor communication can lead to divorce. You have probably already heard this, and not just from a premarital counselor either. And now a survey confirms what we already knew: the top reasons for a divorce were problems in communication. A ...
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