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Blog Posts in August, 2013

  • Questions About Visitation Rights in Long Island

    || 30-Aug-2013

    Though any divorce can be contentious, perhaps the most questions, anxieties, and battles swirl around the issue of child custody. At the Meyers Law Group, we understand how close this issue is to your heart, and we are committed to helping families find the best possible solutions. We also want to take away as much uncertainty and apprehension as possible. In order to accomplish this success and ...
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  • Don't Let Divorce Ruin Your Retirement

    || 29-Aug-2013

    As more and more people divorce during mid-life, more and more people are facing increased apprehension about their retirement. According to an ING U.S. study, it was found that divorcees had $11,000 less in retirement than the average married couple. Women are afraid that they will not be able to retire after a divorce. According to the study, women end up with $34,000 less for retirement than ...
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  • What If My Spouse Won't Sign the Divorce Papers?

    || 28-Aug-2013

    If you have duly served your spouse with divorce papers, then he or she has 30 days to respond. If he or she refuses to sign the papers, then that spouse is in default. This practically means that your spouse has foregone any opportunity to oppose the divorce rulings. You can then go ahead and file a petition for a default divorce with the court. Then you will have to attend a court hearing, and a ...
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  • Joint Custody: When Is It Actually Ideal?

    || 27-Aug-2013

    When it comes to awarding custody, a judge will be looking at what the best interests of the child are. Normally speaking, a court will presume that joint custody is ideal for the child, and many parents may feel the same way. But is this always true? Every situation is unique, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution to something as crucial as child custody. Of course, there is a reason that ...
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  • What the Best Interests of the Child Means in New York

    || 23-Aug-2013

    When it comes to determining the custody of a child, New York courts have the freedom to take the entire context into account and decide for themselves what is best for the child. There are no strict guidelines. Before the matter comes to court, however, you and your spouse may be able to come to an agreement on your own. This could be through mediation, or some sort of parenting plan that you ...
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  • How a Court Decides Maintenance in a Long Island Divorce

    || 22-Aug-2013

    First off, you may not need to have a court decide whether or not there will be maintenance (also called alimony ). You and your spouse may be able to arrive at a decision yourselves and file it with the court. It is in the event that this cannot work out that a court will come in to decide for you. There a number of things which a New York court will examine, and they may not all be included ...
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  • When a Custodial Parent Wants to Relocate

    || 21-Aug-2013

    Just as when a court initially determines child custody, any modifications in the parenting plan must be in the best interests of the child. This includes if a custodial parent wants to relocate. A judge will want to see how the child's relationships will be affected, not only to the other parent, but to other relatives, to friends, and to other important people in his or her life. The courts ...
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  • Before the actual division of property in a divorce, there has to be determined how many assets and debts are going to be dealt with. One also has to determine which property is marital property and which items are separate property. Part of this process depends on your spouse giving a full disclosure. If you think that your spouse is hiding assets to keep them from you in a divorce, then you have ...
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  • Will Your Foreign Divorce Count in New York?

    || 16-Aug-2013

    It depends. Where you were born, where you married, where you pursue the divorce, and the various local laws, rites, and beliefs that come into play affect the validity of a divorce. For example, a couple may have been born in a different country, but they work in Long Island. They may be able to get a "mail-order" divorce. Without having to leave the country, they can submit paperwork ...
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  • What Is Maintenance in a New York Divorce?

    || 14-Aug-2013

    Maintenance is the name for alimony, or spousal support that is used in New York. This covers support payments made by one spouse to the other during the divorce process and/or after it is finalized. The point is to help spouses maintain somewhat of the same lifestyle during this difficult time, to help them get their bearings before moving forward. Sometimes this includes paying to support a ...
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  • How Does Equitable Distribution Work in a New York Divorce?

    || 13-Aug-2013

    One of the big issues that can extend the length of a divorce is property division. This is naturally an important aspect of the process, as it has to be determined who gets what when moving on. The results could drastically change your future. At the Meyers Law Group, P.C., we are committed to giving our clients quality service while fully defending their rights. We also want to keep you informed ...
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  • How Your Spouse Could Hide Money from You through a Job

    || 12-Aug-2013

    While there is actually such a thing as an amicable divorce, too much of what we see or may have experienced is a bitter, prolonged battle when a couple splits. A lot of this contention stems from financial issues, and frankly, not everyone may be playing fair. Sometimes, a spouse will keep back full information about finances, so as to avoid making support payments. One way this cover-up can ...
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  • How Expensive Is a Same-Sex Divorce in New York?

    || 8-Aug-2013

    Divorce is tough enough. War can ensue as assets are divided, child custody is determined, and alimony is ordered. For same-sex couples, the obstacles to a divorce can be even more intense. One family attorney stated that same-sex couples could face more than ten times the cost that heterosexual couples face when they get a divorce, a $120,000 divorce as opposed to a $10,000 divorce. The thing is, ...
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  • Military divorce is different on almost every level. If one or both spouses are in the military, then the location of the divorce, child support and custody, pension rights, and more are all affected. For starters, you have to file in the state where the military spouse is either domiciled or where that spouse resides. Both spouses can agree to file in another state, if that works better. Your ...
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  • Health Insurance, Divorce, and Legal Separation in New York

    || 6-Aug-2013

    Health insurance is a big issue for everyone, but it can especially be a factor in divorce. It may even lead couples to make other decisions. Many people want to know, can I keep my ex-spouse's health insurance policy? Not really. In some cases, the non-employee spouse may be able to get coverage from COBRA, but that is only for 36 months at the most. You will want to get your own health ...
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  • 10 Ways to Prepare for Divorce in Long Island

    || 5-Aug-2013

    If you can see a divorce approaching, there are steps you can take to minimize the stress and to bring things to a faster resolution. Preparation can also be the key to getting a fair result. Here are some actions to take if your marriage is irretrievably broken: Consult a Long Island divorce attorney. Before you enter divorce proceedings, you have to be aware of the legal ramifications that ...
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  • Finances: The Danger Zones in Marriage

    || 2-Aug-2013

    Studies have showed time and time again that money problems tend to be one of the leading causing of failed marriages. In fact financial strain and conflict causes more divorce than even infidelity and children problems. Why is this? Why does money so often define how we run our lives and make decisions, so much so that our marriages suffer (and end) as a result? Whether you’re married, ...
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  • Real Estate Division during Your Divorce

    || 1-Aug-2013

    While the many aspects of a divorce can be somewhat complicating, it is often true that the division of the property can be among the more difficult things to divide between you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse. Some couples may simply be sharing a leasing agreement with their spouse, making it easier because they don’t own the property. However when the couple owns a residence, this can often ...
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