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Blog Posts in September, 2012

  • What can you put in a Prenup?

    || 27-Sep-2012

    If you are trying to draft a prenuptial agreement, the fact is that anything goes. According to the New York Post, some spouses put the most outrageous restrictions in their prenuptial agreement. As long as both spouses sign and agree on the document, then those proposals will be upheld in the court. One New York celebrity-divorce lawyer says that she has seen just about anything while drafting a ...
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  • Divorce Coach Versus Attorney: What's the Difference?

    || 26-Sep-2012

    To answer the title question, there isn’t much of a difference at all. Many family law attorneys in New York have chosen to call themselves divorce coaches in order to get new business. Many clients are intrigued by the term “divorce coach” and don’t realize that they are essentially getting legal representation for their case without calling their partner an attorney. ...
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  • Separate Property in Marriage and Divorce

    || 25-Sep-2012

    According to US Politics, more and more spouses are starting to fear that marriage will change the nature of their separate property. Yet New York law states that separate property will remain that way during a marriage unless the spouse specifically takes action to change it into marital property. The separate property laws in New York can get detailed and complicated, but a knowledgeable Long ...
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  • Maximize your Visitation Time

    || 13-Sep-2012

    When you get to visit your child, there are times that it may be awkward. This is especially true with tweens and teens who are starting to get “too cool” for mom or dad. Non-custodial parents who want to spend time with their children often end up awkward and disjointed, as they try to entertain a child that has no desire to be there. Sometimes children are emotional about their ...
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