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Blog Posts in March, 2012

  • Alimony Issues to Consider during a Divorce

    || 29-Mar-2012

    Filing for divorce is never an easy process. There are multiple considerations that will have to be discussed before your final settlement can be drafted and one of the most contentious issues of a divorce can be alimony payments. In some cases, both partners may be able to reach an amicable decision regarding the amount and length of alimony payments. Generally speaking, it is more advantageous ...
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  • Tax Issues to Consider after Your Divorce

    || 17-Mar-2012

    When you get divorced and children are involved, filing for taxes can become more complicated. Depending on whether you are the primary custodian, joint custodian or just have visitation rights, your tax filing status can be affected. It can be confusing the first year that you file your taxes after obtaining a divorce. You may qualify as the head of household, which can grant you certain tax ...
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