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Blog Posts in June, 2012

  • How the Troxel Decision Affected Third Party Visitation

    || 26-Jun-2012

    Back in 2000, the U.S. Supreme Court undertook a case that dealt with grandparent visitation rights. The famous case is known as Troxel vs. Gainville and caused The Supreme Court to review a case from Washington where the grandparents had been allowed visitation of their grandchildren after the parents declared a divorce. The parents, particularly the mother, did not approve of the visitation and ...
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  • How Divorced Parents can Celebrate a Child's Milestones

    || 21-Jun-2012

    When your child graduates, promotes, or wins an award, you want to be there to celebrate with them. Naturally your child probably wants to spend time with you during this important part of their life. However, after a divorce, it may be awkward for both spouses to show up at a graduation party or a big football game at school. If you are struggling with how to share in your child’s triumphs ...
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  • Living Together After Divorce: How to Handle the Pressures

    || 18-Jun-2012

    Living together after you and your spouse divorce isn’t ideal. It’s also very rare. Sometimes for financial reasons, a couple may need to reside together as platonic roommates before one or both partners can save up enough money to get their own place. Maybe one ex-spouse can’t find a job and needs a place to stay, or maybe the house is upside down and both incomes are needed to ...
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  • What Dads Need to Know Child Support

    || 15-Jun-2012

    Father’s Day is almost here, but some dads aren’t celebrating the fact that they support a household of children. In fact, some fathers didn’t even want to parents in the first place, or may have left their families because they didn’t want the responsibilities that come with parenting. While this is a sobering attitude, it is one that many dads take. Fathers who ...
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  • What to do When Your Children Witness a Fight

    || 14-Jun-2012

    Chances are that you and your spouse have had arguments that your children are aware of. Even at a young age, children are able to comprehend when something is wrong between mom and dad. The tension is obvious, even when parents are not shouting, yelling, or tossing dishes. Violent situations like that can shake a child and remian in his or her memory for life. In fact, if you choose to divorce ...
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  • Military Marriages Strong Despite Deployment

    || 13-Jun-2012

    A new study shows that military marriages seem to have a tenacity that helps couples to overcome the challenges they face. Even though there are more long-term overseas deployments at present then there have been in the past, and with spouses in danger in Afghanistan or Iraq, the likelihood that a military couple will end their marriage is not high. Higher deployment rates haven’t changed ...
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  • What to do when Your ex Doesn't Fulfill Responsibilities

    || 11-Jun-2012

    If you are in a situation where your spouse is not upholding court ordered responsibilities, don't let him or her get away with it. Whatever the court decided when you began your divorce has become a legally enforceable statute. For example, if your spouse never shows up for visitations, or is failing to pay you alimony and child custody, this can be very serious. The best way to go about this ...
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