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Blog Posts in February, 2012

  • Same Sex Marriage Waiting Period

    || 16-Feb-2012

    Many same sex couples in New York were thrilled last year when the Marriage Equality Act was passed and couples waited in line for hours to get married on July 24, 2011. Now that same sex marriage is an option in the state, if you are interested in marrying your partner in New York, there are a few things that you should know beforehand. Although you can apply for a marriage license and receive it ...
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  • Child Custody and Paternal Definitions

    || 9-Feb-2012

    Obtaining child support can be tricky when two people were never married but had a child together. There are three primary categories under which a father can be listed and it is important to understand these distinctions before going to court to obtain child support. The first and most basic category is acknowledged father. This is when the father of the child admits that he is indeed the father. ...
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  • Child Custody Agreements Should be Created with a Family Lawyer

    || 4-Feb-2012

    Are you in the process of discussing child custody with your former spouse? If so, you may be considering creating a child custody agreement without going to court. While this is certainly legal, it is not always in your best interests. You may be wondering why this is the case. The fact is that if you and your former spouse reach an agreement that is only verbal in nature, it can be compromised ...
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