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Blog Posts in August, 2012

  • Want to Change Your Name? Here's How!

    || 31-Aug-2012

    The two main reasons that a person changes his or her name is marriage or divorce. Normally, a woman takes a man’s last name when she marries him, and then may choose to change it again in the event of a divorce. People can also change their names if they don’t want to be associated with their family or don’t like their birth name. If you are getting a divorce and don’t ...
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  • Forgot to Create a Prenup? You Still have an Option!

    || 30-Aug-2012

    Even if you forgot to create a prenuptial agreement before marriage, you can still make a document that will help with your property division in the event of a divorce later on in life. This is called a postnuptial agreement, and can be drafted even after you have already tied the knot. A postnuptial agreement can help spouses if they want to protect certain assets from their spouse in the event ...
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  • Why Women Often Get Custody

    || 27-Aug-2012

    Three-fourths of all children of divorced parents live with their mother. Often, the father has visitation rights, but is not the primary custodian of his kids. With the vast majority of caretakers being mothers, you may be wondering why the courts always gravitate towards the mother. Admittedly, many times the couples negotiate custody agreements privately. In these conversations, fathers who are ...
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  • Back to School with Divorced Parents

    || 23-Aug-2012

    If you recently got a divorce, or have separated from your spouse this summer, you may be worried about taking your kids back to school while you are feuding with your spouse. This will be the first time that you are not together with your husband or wife at parent/teacher conferences. It will be the first time that you attend all your child’s sports events alone, or have to awkwardly ...
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  • Are You Worried a Divorce Will Hurt Your Small Business?

    || 2-Aug-2012

    According to Fox Business News, there are ways in which to lessen the blow on your small business after you and your spouse get a divorce. Many file for divorce because for one reason or another it is the best decision for them. Unfortunately, knowing that a divorce may affect your small business can add a lot of stress and pressure to your already difficult situation. There are a few factors to ...
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  • Should We Consider Nuptial Agreements?

    || 1-Aug-2012

    Marriage can be such a happy time in life, a beautiful cake, and day dedicated to two people that love each other, is a beautiful thing. There is the question that still lingers over many married or soon to be married couples, “should we get a nuptial agreement ?” There are many reasons to consider nuptial agreements such as defining inheritances, fortunes, pensions, stocks, or any ...
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