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Blog Posts in September, 2011

  • Meyers Law Group Helps Father Get Custody of His Daughter

    || 23-Sep-2011

    Recently, the Meyers Law Group was hired to represent a father who was hoping to obtain sole child custody of his six-year-old daughter. Earlier in the case, the mother of the child had filed a Petition for Custody with the court and had also obtained a "stay away" Order of Protection on behalf of her and her child against the father. Upon reviewing the case, the court ordered that both ...
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  • Court Awards Sole Custody to Meyers Law Group Client

    || 22-Sep-2011

    Recently, the Meyers Law Group represented a client who was seeking sole child custody of her two children, ages two and four, in the state of New York. Prior to the working with the Long Island family law attorneys at our office, the client and her spouse did not have a permanent child custody arrangement in place and were unable to reach a resolution, so the legal matter advanced and a hearing ...
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  • Giving Serious Thought to Prenuptial Agreements

    || 10-Sep-2011

    When you have said "yes" and started planning the big day, there is one more thing you should consider doing - signing a prenuptial agreement. Not limited to just the rich and famous anymore, prenuptial agreements are becoming more popular amongst couples of all economic and social strata. While signing a prenuptial agreement is often associated with those who have a lot of wealth, it ...
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  • Same-Sex Couples and Adoption

    || 3-Sep-2011

    If you are part of a same sex partnership and are interested in adoption, you may experience more difficulty than traditional partners would. However, you shouldn't let this deter you from trying to provide a child with a much-needed home. Depending on the state you reside in, there are different laws regarding adoption for gay parents. By knowing the different types of adoption available to ...
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  • As government officials in New York reviewed crime statistics from last year, they noticed a disturbing trend. The rate of children killed in domestic violence incidents increased last year in New York City, NY. Based on data collected by a police division, local officials determined that 37 children were killed last year, 25 of them residing in New York City. This is a huge leap from 2009 when ...
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