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Blog Posts in November, 2011

  • Alimony is Not a Right

    || 24-Nov-2011

    When you are seeking a divorce from your partner, you may also be considering alimony as part of your divorce settlement. If that is the case, you need to understand that alimony is not a right, but a privilege that is granted by the court. Although no two alimony cases are the same, judges generally look at the same things when deciding whether to approve or deny alimony. Some argue that the most ...
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  • Creating a Valid Prenuptial Agreement

    || 12-Nov-2011

    A number of factors can render a prenuptial agreement null and void. In order to ensure that your prenup is valid, therefore, it's a good idea to work with a Long Island family law attorney to create a contract that will hold up in court and be fair to both parties. One common way that prenuptial agreements get thrown out is if they are signed too close to the wedding day. It can be considered ...
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  • The Different Types of Maintenance

    || 11-Nov-2011

    Spousal support is sometimes referred to as maintenance. Maintenance can be awarded either permanently or for a specified period of time. The latter is known as durational maintenance and is the more common form of spousal support, particularly in medium-to-short length marriages. Permanent maintenance is most likely to be awarded when the couple has been married for a substantial length of time, ...
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  • New York Divorce Residency Requirements

    || 10-Nov-2011

    New York is reportedly one of the most difficult states to obtain a divorce in. However, there are a number of circumstances under which a couple may file for divorce in New York as long as spouses fulfill residency requirements. Te residency restrictions for a divorce action filed in the state include the following: You and your spouse got married in New York and either one of you has resided in ...
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