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Blog Posts in May, 2011

  • Meyers Law Group Fights Discrimination Against Same-Sex Couples

    || 28-May-2011

    Recently, the Meyers Law Group won an appeal for a client who sought the reversal of an order by the Family Court of Suffolk County. The court had instructed the Suffolk County Department of Social Services to conduct a child protective investigation which would have impacted the law firm's client. Originally, the appellant had petitioned the court for child custody of the two children that ...
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  • Considering Orders of Protection

    || 12-May-2011

    If you and your children have suffered at the hands of an abuser, it is time to consider orders of protection. This is a legal order given out by the court system in order to protect your family, and even demand that the abuser stop all contact with your family. Depending on what state you live in, you can obtain an order of protection from a criminal court, family court or the supreme court. If ...
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  • Communicating Divorce to Your Children

    || 5-May-2011

    When you are considering divorce and children are involved, you need to think about how you will communicate with them about your circumstances before you actually sit down to talk to them. There is no right or wrong way to discuss your divorce, but there are several useful tips you can consider. You can emphasize that change is normal in life, and although things will be different when the ...
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