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Blog Posts in July, 2011

  • Respect for Marriage Act Announced

    || 28-Jul-2011

    Although the journey has been long for those fighting for same-sex rights, it has not been for naught. The White House announced this week that it will support the upcoming legislation that will repeal the federal Defense of Marriage Act. As one of his campaign points, the President frequently spoke about providing rights for same sex couples. While the announcement comes three years later, it ...
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  • Residents of New York are still discussing the tremendous impact that the Marriage Equality Act of 2011 will have on current and future generations. However, after much media speculation regarding its passage, residents are now taking advantage of this piece of legislature. The new law allows same-sex couples to marry one another and demands that all local and state courts and governments ...
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  • Legal Requirements for Orders of Protection

    || 15-Jul-2011

    If you currently live in the state of New York and are curious about orders of protection, there are a few requirements that you should be aware of: Should you feel that an order of protection is necessary, you must show the court that the offending party is one of the following: an individual with whom you have a child; a former or current spouse; a family member by blood or marriage; or someone ...
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  • New York Making Serious Family Law Reforms

    || 9-Jul-2011

    The state of New York has been working overtime to make some serious reforms in family law. Last month the state passed the law legalizing same-sex marriage, prompting cheers and jeers from across the country. The year before, legislators worked to enact a law allowing no-fault divorces, in which spouses could end their marriage without naming either party as being guilty of wrongdoing. In ...
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  • Same Sex Couples Have Right to Marry in NY

    || 1-Jul-2011

    Should a new bill be approved in New York state, same sex couples would be given the right to marry. The bill seems to have overall approval, but could be help back by a group of Republican senators concerned with protecting religious groups. If the bill is passed, however, New York would become the sixth - and most populous - state to allow gay marriage in the nation. Just one more vote is needed ...
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